Getting My best Spring-Ready skin with Nivea.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

As the days get lighter and longer, everyone seems to be spending much more time outdoors. Lockdown really hasn’t helped everyone these last few months as you often feel a bit cooped up. Now it’s officially spring, I think everyone is going to be making the most of the warm weather and sunny days… I know I will be!

Nivea have very kindly sent me over some new launches from them to help me get my skin “spring-ready”. As I’m sure many of you are aware, I’m actually part of the Nivea Skincare Family so I do get sent PR packages from time to time. As always, I only share things I really care about and I wouldn’t be a part of the skincare family if I didn’t love Nivea products. They’re such a classic skincare brand that has been around for years. I recommend Nivea to a lot of people as they’re one of those brands that I can really trust. They’re also always releasing exciting products!

To help get me spring-ready, they have sent over a little bundle of products that couldn’t have come at a better time! I have their New Naturally Good Organic Aloe Vera Body Lotion (for normal skin) and also their 3in1 Care & Protect Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream. They very kindly also sent over their New Innovative Hyaluron Cellular Filler Sculpting Cryo-Sheet-Mask.

It’s the last product that really intrigues me; this sheet mask remodels and makes your skin feel firmer, it also plumps and smoothes your skin. It’s infused with Hyaluron, Collagen and an Elastin Booster Serum. Inspired by Cryo-Facial Treatment, this mask uses the cold to treat your skin (you pop it in the fridge before use). I think this mask sounds really interesting to use, like nothing I’ve ever come across before. I like the fact that it allows you access to a salon-quality treatment at home. I haven’t used this mask yet but I’m excited to, I bet it’s the perfect thing to pop on your skin after a long day out in the sun!

The Care & Protect Hand Cream is probably the first product I used from this bunch and it could possibly be my favourite! This Nivea Hand Cream is not only Anti-Bacterial but also nourishes your skin and doesn’t let it dry out instantly. It also strengthens your skin barrier, is non-greasy and contains no alcohol.

It’s a creamy consistency that soaks into the skin quickly, which is good as I hate that “sticky” feeling that can linger with some hand creams. It also contains Jojoba Oil which I think is what makes it smell so lovely. It smells fresh but not too overpowering. It’s a 75ml product which I think is the perfect size for something like this has it means I can keep it on my bedside table or pop it into my bag without taking up space or feeling heavy.

I’ve been using this hand cream for a little while now, as often as I need it and I have actually found that since using it, I have to reach for this product less as my hands are staying moisturised for longer. I also really like the fact it’s anti-bacterial as well as I find that some hand sanitisers can dry out my hands so after using one, I normally try to pop a bit of this on.

If you’re after a new hand cream then I would really recommend this one, it’s inexpensive but really works a treat at keeping your hands moisturised, unlike some hand creams which just don’t last!

The last product that I’ve been loving from this bundle is the Nivea Naturally Good Aloe Vera Body Lotion. It’s actually the packaging that stood out to me first as just this container used 50% less plastic than other moisturisers. It’s also got this really handy squeeze and roll technology (much like a toothpaste container) that means you don’t miss out on any product. I haven’t used enough of this product to benefit from this system yet (I mean it is a 350ml bottle!) but I’m looking forward to trying this out when I empty the product a bit more. I think this is really innovative as I can’t tell you how many products I’ve used in the past with packaging that almost makes it impossible to use all the product up!

Onto the actual product itself; this body lotion is from their Naturally Good range which means the ingredients come from 98% of natural origin, which is much better for you and your skin. I’ve not really used anything with Aloe Vera in before but it smells so lovely and fresh but not overpowering. The product itself is very creamy (but light, not a heavy cream) and sinks into my skin well.

It’s hard to explain but I just feel very fresh after using this product! I think it would be the perfect product for summer or even for taking away on holiday as it just makes me feel good – It’s a very light product to apply and doesn’t take much time to apply either (I am lazy when it comes to body moisturiser…).

I just love Nivea products so much as they always seem to get it so right. I’m looking forward to continuing using these products and using the ones I haven’t tried yet (I’m looking at you, sheet mask!).

Have you tried anything new from Nivea recently?