Get that Luxury Spa Feeling at Home with TempleSpa.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

The wonderful team over at TempleSpa recently sent me some goodies to try. I’ve actually not heard of TempleSpa before but since doing a little bit of research, they sound like such a lovely company and definitely one I’m interested in.

They’re based in the UK, providing Cruelty-Free, Botanical and Anti-Aging for your best skin. They have a total emphasis on providing products to help you achieve your ‘best’ skin, not “perfect’. A quote from their website reads;

“Your skin health is not only your natural barrier and outer shell but the most important visible layer to other people and the world. At TempleSpa we want you to look the best for the age that you are. To look healthy, energised, less tired perhaps and with good “skin health”. Content to “age well”.

They also put a big focus on “Soul Health”, this isn’t something that I’ve heard of in conjunction with skincare before but as quoted on their website, Soul health is;

“To feel good, feel healthy, feel confident, balanced, in control of your own destiny, able to inspire and make others feel good too… To have great personal wellbeing. To feel empowered and love ourselves… and others is good ”soul health”.

Which is something I can definitely get behind. I really like the motivation that this company comes from and I think that’s an important thing when it comes to skincare. You want to feel looked after and that the products that you’re using are good for you.

They were very generous with what they sent over and one of the first things I was looking forward to using is their Glowcolic Resurfacing Toner. This was definitely a step I was missing from my skincare routine (I didn’t have one!) and something I’m so glad I received from them. Glowcolic is an exfoliating toner with natural Glycolic Acid that smooths, nourishes and balances your skin’s complexion. It contains extracts of Grape, Apple, Lemon and Orange. It’s also rich in Natural Acids and Vitamin C, which is SO good for your skin.

The way it works is that it gently lifts away dead skin cells and impurities, this then means your skin is renewed and nourished. It also evens out the skin’s surface for a brighter, healthier-looking complexion.

I haven’t been using this product long but I definitely feel I can already tell a difference. I try to use it every night, after cleansing my face before I then apply my various other serums and moisturiser. I love the fact it’s mean to promote glowing skin and I actually don’t find it too harsh for my skin. I think it’s quite gentle for what it is and I’m hoping with continued use I’ll be able to tell a big difference in my skin.

I’ve mainly been using the Glowcolic after cleansing which has mainly been with their “In The Beginning” Deep Cleansing Melt. I’m normally quite picky with cleansers as I have to feel like they’re really cleaned my skin, this is what I mainly double cleanse so much as one is just not enough, since using this Cleansing Melt though I’ve found that I only occasionally double cleanse now!

Deep Cleansing Melt is a concentrated balm, it’s got a very unique texture which is thick, buttery and feels like it contains little beads or crystals. It melts as you massage the product into your skin. It contains Vitamin E and is also formulated with Mediterranean ingredients of Olive, Calendula, Basil, Clary and Lavender. It feels very luxe and deeply nutritious. My skin always feels intensely cleansed after use and perfectly set up for the rest of my skincare, including toner, moisturiser etc.

I love how moisturising this product just is on its own too, my skin never feels dry after use. I feel like it warms up as you massage it into your skin and I think it would be the perfect thing to remove make up. You’re meant to massage it into your skin until you feel it change from a crystal texture to just a smooth balm and then use a hot compress to really work it into your skin before rinsing. This just sounds like such a skincare treat and it also smells so lovely and lemony too!

The final two products that TempleSpa sent over is their Moisture To Go Moisturiser For Combination Skin which I’ve been using quite a bit recently. It almost feels like a moisturiser and primer in one so it’s perfect to use before make up. My skin never feels dry after using this but I do find I have to use a couple of pumps instead of just a tiny bit 0 the packing isn’t the biggest (only 50ml) which is my only issue with this product as using it daily, I would run out quickly. It is a lovely moisturiser though and if you’re trying to switch to more reduced oil products then I’d definitely recommend this product.

They also sent over their “La LA Lagoon” Aromatherapy Luxury Bath & Shower Gel which honestly just smells like a dream. This is quite inexpensive for a luxury shower & bath gel for how much product you get (150ml) but smells so lovely and lathered up nicely too. I’ve only used this in a piping hot shower so far but it was that little bit of luxury that I needed. I also want to try this in the bath as I bet it’ll make the whole bathroom smell amazing.

I love using Aromatherapy products as I find them so relaxing and this is one of the best. It’s infused with the fragrance of Peppermint, Anise, Rosewood and Patchouli, along with skin conditioning Aloe Vera. I find it’s really gentle on my skin. I don’t think the scent lingers that well ON my skin but it’s so lovely to use that I think I can look past that.

I’ve really enjoyed exploring some products from TempleSpa before as they’re not a brand I’ve used or even heard of. I’m very impressed though and I can’t wait to see more results from the continued use of these products. I would definitely recommend them on what I’ve tried so far!

Madison x