Garnier Ultimate Blends – Soothing Hydrating Body Lotion

Up until recently I was the worst at looking after myself and keeping my skin hydrated. I’ve always been one to drink a lot of water but using lotions and potions was never something that I was into (and I call myself a beauty blogger?!). I would always moisturise as although I have fairly normal skin, it can get quite dry – which meant I just covered myself in E45 and got on with my day.

It was only until recently that I started using a separate face and body moisturiser (I know), Simple for my face and this little amazing Garnier product from the Ultimate Blends range for my body. I’ve always been a fan of Garnier products, they have such nice branding and the collection is impressive, they’ve got something to suit everyone.

I was drawn to the Delicate Oat range because it’s meant for people with dry and sensitive skin (which mine can be). There’s something about this product which is calming and soothing – I think it’s the light, soft packaging. It seems quite luxe and special.

I’ve been using this product for well over two weeks now and I think it’s my favourite body lotion that I’ve used in a long time. It’s quite a thick product, which is lovely and nourishing but sinks into skin quickly and doesn’t feel sticky, this means you can get dressed straight away, something I look for when it comes to body moisturiser. It also smells incredible, it’s got very light fragrance of vanilla, oats and almonds which is so lovely for everyday wear and lasts throughout the day.

I can see myself using this for a long time to come as it’s just the perfect, hydrating body lotion for me which smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling so soft and healthy. Have you tried anything from the Ultimate Blends range before?