Freshly Cosmetics Red Velvet Oil Serum.

Contains gifted content as part of an ongoing relationship with Freshly Cosmetics.

The wonderful people over at Freshly Cosmetics recently sent me out a surprise package containing their Red Velvet Oil Serum. I had actually been introduced to this via their social media, I saw it contained Rosehip so it immediately caught my attention as anything with Rosehip in I absolutely love. There’s something about it that my skin really agrees with as it always leaves my skin looking so glowy and healthy.

I was so surprised when this package arrived and couldn’t wait to get stuck in and test it out. I wasn’t expecting them to send me anything new recently so it truely made my day when this turned up, aren’t surprise packages the best?

I love using oils/serums and I’ve tried a lot from Freshly Cosmetics before, I’m the biggest fan of their skincare. I love using oils for hydration and find them the perfect added extra step in my skincare routine.

I haven’t been using this for long but my first impressions are good. I’ve used it as the very last step in my skincare routine for about three nights now. A little goes a long way and with the packaging, it makes it so easy to use. I probably only use about 1-2 drops for my whole face. I also always pat this in as I know it helps your skin absorb it.

It has a very light, pleasant scent which doesn’t linger but makes using this serum just that tiny bit nicer to use. I find it makes it feel like a little extra pampering for your skin.

It absorbs quickly and doesn’t sit on my skin either, this is something I know puts a lot of people off using oils but I’ve personally never had a negative experience with oils or serums.

I definitely find that my skin looks so much more hydrated and healthy when I wake up in the morning, it certainly looks more glowy too which is all I’ve ever wanted from my skin.

There are so many benefits to using this Oil Serum, it has 15 plant-derived oils including Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Chia, Virgin Marula and Meadowfoam Oils. It brightens the skin giving it softness, elasticity and vitality and it also treats wrinkles, expression lines, spots, scars, redness and inflammation. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as I’ve not had a problem with it and my skin can play up with new products.

I’m hoping with continued use it will help even my skin tone, calm any redness and also help me with the blackheads that I tend to get around my nose.

As always, everything from Freshly Cosmetics is made from natural ingredients which are 100% toxin free.

What do you think of this new Oil Serum? Have you tried anything from Freshly Cosmetics before?