Four Things For October.

A roundup of my month…

October has been a bit of a weird one for me. It seems like this month has been so long but it’s also over already?! I swear I’ve been exhausted for most of it.

Elliot and I have had a busy month as he had some of his family down who normally live in Scotland. He hasn’t seen them in at least five years so he booked some time off work and we did a lot of little trips with them, such as going to Paultons Park and into Swanage. We also were in London for the end of last month which definitely tired me out and we celebrated my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary too. To say I’ve gone through most of October half asleep would be an understatement!

01. The end of this month has also been quite eventful as we are currently dog sitting for a friend of ours. This also explains why I haven’t been as active on Instagram as usual as I’m not in my usual environment. The dogs are so lovely (one is just a pup!) but my god, am I tired. I think next month is meant to be a quieter month for us (although Elliot would say otherwise as it’s his birthday month…) which I think is definitely needed.

02. As we’ve been dog sitting, I have been doing so much walking out in the forest, in all the crisp, Autumn air. I think it’s probably done me a whole world of good as before we came here I was battling a cold which seems to have disappeared. As I’m not working at the moment, I would also sometimes go a good few days not leaving the house at all at home so this has definitely changed that. I think even just a gentle half an hour walk makes all the difference day to day and once we’re finished dog sitting, I need to continue to force myself to get out of the house for my own health and mental wellbeing.

03. Elliot and I finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody recently. I know the film got a lot of hype, and there’s no denying that Rami Malek’s performance was outstanding, but there’s just something about the whole film that made me feel a bit off. I’ve said this to everyone that’ll listen but it seemed like the whole message of the film was “don’t be gay as your life will be hard” and I think it should have celebrated just how extraordinary Freddie Mercury was and what Queen did for rock music instead. I think it could have been a lot more inspiring than it was and the whole film just made me feel quite sad. Does anyone share my thoughts? I think we are also going to watch Rocketman soon so I’ll let you know my thoughts on it too.

04. Elliot and I went out for a little coffee date recently after he saw the dentist (how romantic!) and it was so lovely. They (and I haha) really are cheap dates as you just need to find a quiet table somewhere to talk away a couple of hours. It’s even better if you can people watch too. There’s quite a few good coffee houses where I live which I’ll have to explore instead of just going to Costa!

How has your month been?