February Goals


Is it just me or did January seem to go on forever? I’ve never felt like that before but it was a long month, I never want to wish time away but with all the exciting things going on in February, I couldn’t help but want Jan to hurry along a little… I feel like I achieved a lot of the things I wanted in Jan and more which is a really nice feeling to have. For anyone that’s read last month’s post, my boyfriend and I did get a new Xbox game and have spent many lazy evenings on Lego Harry Potter, we’re already on year 5 and it’s making me want to watch all the films again! I also managed to save £100 and even an extra £100 as well which I am really pleased with. I also picked out some lovely things for my sister however her birthday has been postponed slightly as she went away so I think we’re actually celebrating the first Friday in Feb!


There were also some things that I didn’t achieve (like sorting my room out) however they will definitely roll onto this month as I am actually moving out! My boyfriend and I decided that now was the perfect time for us to get organized and become proper adults and luckily we actually found a lovely little flat which seems like a perfect fit for us! We have actually been living together at my parents’ house (but paying them rent) and we already are pretty self-efficient as we do our own washing and shopping etc.

The moving date is one of the first weekends in February which we are ridiculously excited for. I cannot wait to have a little place with my favourite person that I can decorate however I want (within reason), I’m excited for more space and to have more time for the things I want to do, such as cooking and taking photos without worrying about mess and other people! I’m excited for what this will do for my blog too as hopefully I’ll be able to create more lifestyle, interior and even baking content.

One of the things that I’m not looking forward to is the “being alone part” of moving out. I work in retail (and have a rota) as most people will know however my boyfriend changed job and now works quite long hours so if I don’t start until the afternoon that day that’s a lot of time spent on my own. This is probably just me overthinking things and with everything I’ll have to do (like cleaning more rooms, organizing everything etc especially in the early days of moving) I think I’ll be fine but it’ll be quite the adjustment for me. I’m hoping that moving out will create more motivation for me to drive however this is something that is incredibly hard for me and often leaves me in floods of tears, it’s just something that I find difficult to do and perhaps would be helped if I found the right instructor, if anyone would be interested in a post on this then let me know.

Obviously I would have much more freedom if I was able to drive but I just need to remember that my parents house is not that long away and they can always pop round. There’s also shops really near and I can get buses easier from our flat than where I live now. Moving out will hopefully encourage everyone to make more of an effort to see each other in my family as well as even though we tend to see each other a lot, we could always spend more quality time together.

So after that big ramble/life update its time to get on with what I want to achieve this month!


  • Go to Ikea – yes obviously this was one of the things I wanted to do last month but with moving out I definitely need to go now! We are both fond of Ikea furniture (I know some people aren’t) but I’ve already seen some items which I think would be a perfect fit for us. We’re also getting our plates, bowls and (gold!) cutlery from there so it’s a must visit.
  • Sell everything – We’ve actually been quite good with selling items which are no longer what we want, the hope is to generate money to pay for new items however some stuff just takes so long to sell. eBay and Gumtree have been my best friends lately but I would really like to get everything sold this month (I think before we move is slightly ambitious but that would be great).
  • There is about a million birthdays in February, mainly on my boyfriend’s side of the family but it’s also my Mums birthday towards the end of the month (and also my dog’s on pancake day!) and I want to make sure that we get everyone some really lovely presents somehow without spending loads of money. It’ll be tough but it’s the thought that counts rather than how much money is spent, right?
  • Make the most of my days off – at the moment I am on day five of a seven-day work week which is slowly killing me but will be worth it come payday! However, I often feel that I don’t make the most of my time off or even spend that much time relaxing on my days off as there’s always something that I have to do. This needs to change but during Feb I’m not actually working that many weekends which means more time at home with my boo, seeing family and making the most of the weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.


There’s also some other little bits that I’d like to achieve this month.. such as having a little organize of my beauty/make-up collection and storage (including skincare) and getting rid of anything I don’t use anymore and then perhaps treating myself to some bits that I have been wanting for a good while. I think February is the month I finally try Glossier (recommendations welcome!) and I really like the look of the new Make Up Revolution concealers that are everywhere at the moment. I really want to spend my money better and buy quality items that I’ll know I’ll love instead of spending it wastefully so thats another goal for this month.

I want to get more creative with my “One second a day” app, I’ve now completed the whole month of January and I have to admit that it is quite satisfying seeing all the days that I’ve done. Some are quite boring, some seem to repeat and some I didn’t even do that day but filled in at a later point but I’m actually really enjoying doing this little creative project and can’t wait to see the end result. As the months go on I want to get even more creative with it and I can’t wait to see what it looks like during the spring summer.

I know that insta isn’t the be all and end all but throughout January I consistently posted every day and tried to be more active on stories, not for any big purpose or to gain followers but just mainly just because I enjoy it. I like taking photos and I’m overjoyed that people actually like the photos I take. So during Feb I would like to continue to post every day and also hopefully make some more time for my blog, I have so many ideas and posts that hopefully I’ll manage to keep up and actually post on my blog!

Other things that I’m looking forward to in Feb.. Discovering new TV shows when we’ve finished Gilmore girls (recommendations welcome!).. spending the first night in our new flat.. sharing new posts on insta and my blog.. organizing and sorting out all our things and having a big clear out.. going homeware shopping.. getting everyone really lovely presents that shows how much we appreciate them.. spending some proper time with my mum on her birthday.. seeing how excited my dogs get when I come home.. being healthier and walking to work.. eating my body weight in pancakes.. ordering my bridesmaid dress.. the evenings and mornings getting lighter.. hopefully finally feeling like a ‘proper’ adult.. that feeling of coming home to our new home after a long day..

Let me know what your month has in store for you and if there’s anything you achieved in January that you’re really proud of! We need to celebrate those little moments and achievements.