Ebay Tips

After my recent post about some of my closet clear out tips I thought that it was only right that I share a few tips to help you get the most out of ebay, selling all those unloved clothes! I have to admit that I hardly ever buy from ebay however I have got some timberland boots from there once which were a bargain. I mainly use ebay to sell clothes however these tips apply to whatever items you need to sell, be it a car, radio or a shed.

My first tip is that you should always put things up for auction on the weekend – mainly Sunday. I’ve been selling on ebay for probably around two years now and have always found that whatever I put up on a weekend has always done better at selling then other items. I think that this is because people don’t tend to work on the weekends if they have a normal 9-5 job so this is the day that they can be around to snap up those deals.

Another thing that might seem quite obvious but is so helpful is to take lots of photos of what you’re trying to sell, whether this is a car or a dress, there is nothing more annoying then there only being one or two photos to look at. When I buy things, I always appreciate lots of images to flick through as this shows off the item and gives you a good idea of what you’re buying. So for example, as well as taking front and back images of a blouse, I will also take photos of any detailing such as buttons and of the label. It also helps to take photos of any damage which you might have mentioned in the description box as more often then not, I find that this doesn’t put people off the item but gives them a much better idea of what they’re buying and a realistic idea if they can cover/fix/live with.

My final tip would be to send it off as soon as you possibly can and also make sure that you package it well/uniquely. You don’t want people having to message you to ask where there item it when you haven’t actually sent it yet. I wait for the buyer to pay before I package it up and then as it is usually a Sunday, I send it the next day on the Monday.
I always try to make something about my packaging slightly unusual, recently I wrapped the items I sold in plastic and then wrapped them in newspaper because the plastic was slightly see-through, this was the only thing that I had on hand however the women at the post office liked this so much she actually showed her colleague. Little things like this can really change the impact that your parcel has.

What are your eBay tips?