After having a blog and being a part of the blogging community for many years, I know how important it is to be completely honest and transparent when it comes to creating content for an audience. I would never accept or endorse anything that I don’t love or am genuinely passionate about. I also wouldn’t work with a brand that wasn’t a right fit for me, my content, my ethics or my values. I’m proud to work with brands that I love and I’ll always declare any paid work – be that a sponsored post, a product gifted to me or any advertisement.

I only work with brands that I genuinely love regardless of payment.

Products that are gifted to me that I feature on here or my Instagram will always be declared or have a * after their name. I’m in a good position now that I get quite a few brands reaching out to me to trial their products, I don’t have to feature them, like them or even use them but I usually try to trial everything that I am sent. Because of this love for trying new products, I also buy a lot of beauty products and do a lot of shopping and sometimes might be sent something which I love and then re-purchase it myself. This can happen a lot and be hard to keep track of, so I would hope that this is something that people understand. I’m not trying to hide anything, I just like to recommend products that I love and that you might love as well and I hope that people trust my opinion and recommendations.

There will be no pop-up ads on this site however there might be some side-bar advertising.

I also use affiliate links – specifically shopstyle rewards. This means that if you buy anything via my link to a retailer, I’ll make some commission, but that doesn’t mean it’ll cost you any extra. I don’t tend to abuse these links but I find that they’re a great way of connecting my readers to a product.

Any questions, just drop me a tweet at @madiwilliams or feel free to email me!