Dermalogica: Winter Skincare Kit.

AD – This post contains gifted items as part of an ongoing brand relationship.

Winter has definitely arrived…

I love this time of year, however, I don’t love what this time of year does to my skin. The hot showers, freezing temperatures and blasts of heat from central heating can take their toll… not to mention the laziness (just me..?) that winter brings with it.

If your skin is feeling tight, sensitive and flaky then you feel my pain.

Luckily, Dermalogica very kindly sent over their Skinfluencer Winter Skincare Kit which has been helping me so much when it comes to looking after my skin. There are so many products included in this kit which I haven’t tried before either so I’ve had so much fun giving them a go.

I’d definitely not alone when I say that my skin needs a bit of a hydration boost during winter, as it can look quite dull and just not it’s best during the colder season. Dermalogica recognises that and have put a little winter pamper kit together. All of these products can be purchased separately through the Dermalogica website.

I’ve been using Dermalogica skincare products for a little while now and they’ve done so much for my skin, I couldn’t wait to share more about them with you!

Included in this kit is their Pre-Cleanse balm, Intensive Moisture Cleanser, Redness Relief Essense, Barrier Defence Boost, Nightly Lip Treatment and finally, their Intensive Moisture Balance.

All of these products basically make up an ultimate skincare routine to make sure your skin is cleansed, prepped for winter and taken care of. Since using these products I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is nicely hydrated (with no dry, flaky patches!) and also, the redness in my skin is reduced.

Dermalogica are so so kind and popped in a little sample of their Rapid Reveal Peel. These little capsules help reveal brighter, healthier skin even after the first use. They’re designed to give you powerful results with no downtime and contain Phytoactive AHA Extracts, Lactic Acid, and Fermented Plant Enzymes. I’m really excited to give these a go and see what they do for my skin, I’ve been suffering from a few of those really painful, “under the skin” type spots so hopefully, these will help. I’ll keep you updated!

Some stand out products for me from the Winter Care Kit includes the Redness Relief Essense, which is a combination between a toner and serum. You apply this directly to your hands and then pat into your skin. Most toners you have to apply to a cotton pad first so I like how this isn’t wasteful and you get full use of the product. It’s not too thick nor runny in consistency but this serum does allow you to do your neck too. I

‘ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using this, not only is my skin less red, it’s also so much less sensitive and that’s something that I’ve suffered with for years.

The Nightly Lip Treatment is another favourite of mine. I am always applying lip balms and making sure that my lips are hydrated but I’ve never quite used a lip treatment like this. I find it really soothing (because of the applicator, so lovely and cool when you apply it!) and it always sinks in well and leaves me with soft, hydrated lips. I can get quite dry, split skin around my lips/mouth which hasn’t happened since using this product, I love the fact that it’s anti-aging too.

Lastly, I am in love with the Intensive Moisture Balance. It is so hydrating and gives such a boost of moisture to your skin. You can use this twice daily however, I just prefer to use it at night to really allow it time to sink in. It’s so rich and also has an antioxidant formula so I always feel I’m really looking after my skin when I use this.

I think it’s essential in the wintertime to try and add more moisture to your routine. Dermalogica always shares some great tips with us, so I thought I’d share them with you!

  • Always use the most hydrating products you have at night, to allow them to sink in properly and help your skin to renew and restore itself
  • Exfoliation is really important as it gets rid of the dead, dull layers of skin and also helps your skin absorb products and serums better.
  • Think about your skincare routine/products in layers and continuously layer those products (starting with heaviest) to get the most out of them.

Have you got any tips for looking after your skin come winter?