My Current Everyday Base

I was on the hunt for a new foundation recently when I spotted this – I’d seen the release and it did the blogging rounds a bit and it was definitely something that I was interested in, I love heavy foundations and that overall “perfect” look that they achieve but I also want to look after my skin and not wear anything too heavy. I decided to give this foundation a go instead of the normal Rimmel one that I pick up and because I wanted to, I also picked up the matching concealer.

The first thing that I noticed about this foundation was the weird applicator, I’d never seen a foundation come with something like this before, they normally just have pumps. It’s almost like a massive concealer doe foot applicator. I was a bit curious of this at first as I thought if this is the way I’m transferring foundation from the bottle to my face (before using a brush or sponge) isn’t this going to cause me blemishes? I have been using this foundation for a good while now, normally I have two or three foundations on the go at once however this isn’t the case at the moment, this is my current base which has allowed me to properly test this product out and I haven’t noticed any spots which have been caused by using this applicator.

I also have the matching concealer, I saw that someone wasn’t overly keen on this on instagram so I didn’t have high hopes. The first time that I applied it I was a bit concerned as I think I was quite heavy handed with it, which made me look really cakey. However I think this was because of the amount that I applied and not a reflection of the actual concealer. I actually really like the concealer, it seems to have really good coverage and is actually a good colour match for me. I do use different concealers with this foundation as I have quite a lot that I love and I wanted to see how this one compared to them. Again, the applicator on this is also a tiny bit weird and could cause people to break out because you’re covering blemishes with this, it could cause bacteria to spread. However an easy way to get around this is to apply some to the back of your hand first. There was a popular concealer that every one loved (I didn’t) which also had an applicator similar to this and apparently people would just rip it off, so there is also that option if you really hate this applicator.

I’m actually really enjoying using these two products together as I find that they leave me with good coverage for my skin but also a tiny bit of a glow. I have actually also recommended this concealer to my sister as she was in the need of a new one, so that says how much I like it. If you found that you didn’t get on with this, I have a whole post about some concealers that I love that you should check out.

Let me know what you think of Rimmels new Breathable range! Have you tried either of these products before?