Creating My Perfect Eyeshadow Palette.

AD – This post contains gifted products.

You might remember from this post that I have been working with Beautonomy recently, they have been so lovely in letting me create a few custom make up palettes and having full control over what I decide to do.

Beautonomy is a company that makes inexpensive custom make up palettes. These can either be just eyeshadow palettes or have some highlighters/blush thrown in too. You can either customise an already made up palette or design one yourself completely from scratch. In this post, you can see the ones I previously designed. However, I wanted to be totally different this time and create a palette that was perfect for everyday use.

This palette is the smallest palette I have got from Beautonomy but still contains six eyeshadow pans. I like how it’s small as it’s easy to store away and perfect for taking away with me/travelling.

I found a design that I loved on Pinterest (which I can’t find who designed, as I want to give them credit but this is for my own personal use, so hopefully that’s okay) and I also selected a cream/off white colour to go with this. Each Beautonomy palette comes with a mirror and I decided to continue the print around this as I thought it looked quite good, however, I could have just left it on the front or chose a colour for this. The spine is also sliver (set by Beautonomy) which I think goes well.

I have been really careful with this palette so far so the cream colour doesn’t get too messy but as this is an eyeshadow palette (that I want to use every day) I am prepared for the mess!

I decided to keep this palette very neutral as the last couple that I designed, I was alllll about the glitter. I wanted this palette to be simple and perfect for everyday use, so the top three rows of pans are actually for eyebrows which I can mix or use on their own. This is handy as it means I can just use this one palette instead of multiple and also it means I can use them as eyeshadows too! The bottom three colours are all eyeshadows and I think they go well together along with the top row. All these colours are matt apart from the bottom right which has a tiny bit of shimmer to it.

I like the fact that this palette includes the names as the other palettes I have don’t have this and I think it’s a nice touch. The colours I have include Blonde, Dark Brown and Brown (all for your eyebrows). I also have Red (a warm subtle burgundy), Grey (this is a cool toned dark shade with a green undertone) and Cà Phê (a subtle golden shade with a tiny hint of green shimmer).

I love how this palette has come out and I think I picked shades that I will wear every day! I can’t wait to properly use this palette and as always, the biggest thank you to the wonderful team over at Beautonomy for allowing me to create my perfect palette!

What do you think of the palette I created? Have you tried anything from Beautonomy before?