Creating My Own Make Up Palettes With Beautonomy.

AD | Collaborative post with Beautonomy. Gifted items as part of an on-going relationship.

The wonderful people over at Beautonomy reached out to me recently, offering me the chance to be able to build and customise my own make up palettes. I’ve loved make up for so long that getting to build my own palette was a dream come true for me. I jumped at the chance and headed to the Beautonomy website, which couldn’t be easier to use.

Adding customisation to these palettes is so much fun, you can even add text (such as your name) as long as it’s within the character limit and because of this, I think they’d make the perfect gift for friends, your sister or even someone trying to build up their make up collection. There are so many different styles of palettes to choose from, whether you want just eyeshadows or highlighters too. There are different patterns, colours and you can upload your own images and patterns too (this is something I haven’t tried yet as I love their pre-made designs but something I definitely want to give a go!). Once you’ve chosen which style and customised it, you can choose between different eyeshadows colours and blushes to truly make it your own.

I had so much fun making my palette out of all their different options and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It came through the post really quick, really well packaged and something that I didn’t realise is that you actually get to drop all the different eyeshadows into the palette yourself. This makes the whole experience just that little bit more special I think. I just wanted to give a nod to just how much thought has gone into this whole process and point out that their packaging is amazing. Everything came wrapped up in reuseable hairbands (which is such a nice touch and I will definitely be reusing them) and all the packaging is recyclable.

Onto the two palettes that I built, I loosely followed their pre-built palette when it came to the overall design however I customised what eyeshadow colours I wanted within the palette. This is so handy as so many times there are palettes where I love all the colours in.. apart from one shade that I just don’t touch. You’ve probably got a palette that comes to mind when I mention that.

I had many different needs from my palettes, they had to give me options for different make up looks but also work for travelling too. I’ve been lucky enough to create two palettes so far as Beautonomy are so generous and I love both. This has really given me the freedom to explore the different kind of palettes I need.

The first palette I designed, I knew I wanted a good mix of everything. This is the palette that I think would be perfect for travelling as it’s got a good range of eyeshadows, as well as a matt brown shade which is perfect for eyebrows and it even has two highlighters and a blush. Taking this one palette which does it all instead of various different products would make travelling light a dream.

The second palette that I focused my attention on was just solely an eyeshadow palette. I’m a neutrals girl at heart so there are no crazy colours but a good mix of matts, shimmers and all-out sparkle. In this palette, there was a couple of colours that I took a risk on including, such the gorgeous glittery green shade but I’m just hoping I’m brave enough to wear it.

The second palette design, in particular, is my favourite, I love the blues and pinks together and the eye and lip illustration is retro but very funky and eye-catching (excuse the pun!).

You can also buy their eyeshadow pans separately as they sell the various eyeshadows and blushes individually, these range from £4 – £6. I love this idea as you can easily refill your palette if you’re running low on a colour or if you’re just ready for a changeup. A few of my favourite colours are “Golden Sugar”, a gorgeous champagne gold shimmer, “Centre Stage” which is a cool, dark green with golden shimmer in it (which you can just use very lightly for a light sweep of colour) and finally, my absolute favourite, “Orion”. This is the most gorgeous shade of iridescent white with gold glitter. It’s a new shade from them and it is stunning.

The quality of these products is second to none and I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with all the different shades and formulas that I’ve received so far. You can get a tiny bit of fall out from the darker colours (which I would expect) but none of them are chalky and I find them long lasting.

What do you think of the shades and designs I picked? What would be the first colour that you included if you were to make your own palette?