Closet Clear Out

This is something which I like to (have to) do quite regularly as it allows you to really see everything that you own and offers a good opportunity to re-organise your wardrobe. This should be done ideally  every change of season as it allows you to look at what you have. I used to be really guilty of keeping stuff just because it was pretty even if I never worn it or it was too small. However recently I seem to have learnt more about myself and my style and what I enjoy wearing. I tend to wear everything in my wardrobe now and it really does make a difference.

The first tip that I would say which might seem pretty obvious to some is to do this on a day/evening when you can give it your full attention. This isn’t something you want to start when you have to go out in twenty minutes nor do you want your whole room to be filled with clothes all day. Set out some time when you can concentrate and this will not only allow you to get through this task quicker but it’ll be easier and less hassle.
Something that I find really helps me is putting on music, I like to do this when I’m doing any sort of task which could get a little boring after a while. I would suggest something like Adele (25), Fleetwood Mac or even something like Beyonce. This is going to make the whole process a lot more fun and enjoyable without you even realising.

Another tip which really works for me is to get everything out of your wardrobe before you start organising it. This allows you to see the amount of space that you are working with and also forces you to look at each item before making a decision about keeping it or not. If you decide to keep it then it can just go straight back in. I find that this really helps as you could have items which were right at the back hidden away which you’d forgotten about. It also allows you to organise your wardrobe as you put stuff back in straight away. I would say that if you’re unsure about whether to keep something or not, then keep it until the next time that you come to organise your closet and if you still haven’t worn it, then it’s time to get rid. There’s nothing worse then regretting getting rid of something. You just have to be careful you don’t do this with every item.

I would definitely say that you should never keep anything which is “too small” with the hope of fitting back into it again, this is useless and will no doubt make you feel crap in the long run. Getting rid of it presents an opportunity for other items of clothing to come into your life which you definitely will wear! I think that you have to really be aware of what you feel comfortable in and what you like to wear every day, if you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, there no point owning 200 dresses. A minimalist wardrobe with plenty of basics and a few occasional items works well however this all comes down to personal style and taste, you have to find what works for you.

Once you have the items you don’t need/want anymore, there is a variety of things you could do with them, give them to charity, friends, family or even put them on depop or Ebay. This is a great way of making a little bit of extra money, recycling and getting use out of something which was just hanging in your closet unused.

Have you got any tips for having a tidy, organised closet?