Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Brown Wrapping Paper
Santa Gift Tags
Gold Ribbon
Small Gold Bauble Decorations

I wanted to share the way that I am wrapping my gifts this year as this is an important part of Christmas in my eyes. I’m always one to appreciate how someone has decorated the gifts as well as the actual gift itself. For me, this is something to put effort into. It means that you have been careful and thoughtful and gone the extra mile. I like to have presents wrapped quite early so they can go under the tree, this way you can appreciate the decoration for longer instead of rushing and putting out on christmas eve (or the day itself). 

I like colourful wrapping paper but sometimes this is quite distracting and a bit much, which means you can’t them add ribbons and bows. This year I decided to go for a simple brown paper, and dress up my presents instead. This is quite classic and simple but also festive and you can go over the top with ribbons, bows and gift tags like I have above. 

I have linked a few items above but this is stuff which you can really get anywhere. I quite like to stick to golds and maybe reds at Christmas but the more colour the better. This really is the time of year to go all out.