Christmas Gift Guide – Sister

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Salon Professional Straightener 
Burgundy Faux Fur Hat
Asos Black Bag (Similar)

Kicking off the first gift guide that I’m uploading to this blog and also quite a tricky person to buy for – the sister.
I wanted to include some items that work generally for any people and some that my actual sister would like. These presents could also work for friends or girlfriends etc.

I’m one of these people that like to get gifts that people actually want/need. So for instance my sister has needed a new pair of straighteners for ages as hers are slowly dying and christmas is the perfect time for this as I get to get her a shiny new pair. These are by Nicky Clarke who does a good job when it comes to hair tools. These ones are sparkly and red and also half price at the time at boots which really helped me chose. I did read some reviews online and someone actually said that they were better than GHDs so we’ll see.

Other presents that work well are any type of clothing item, bag or accessory. As you’re family you should have a good idea of their taste and what they already wear/own. This is a nice item to receive as it’s not something that they necessarily would go out and buy for themselves.

As well as this, any kind of pamper gifts work well. However I always find this should be AS WELL as a “main” gift, it doesn’t have to be big but if the only thing that your sister/brother has got you for christmas is some bath stuff it doesn’t bode well does it. Books can be a really nice gift if you know what they like to read or if theres a book which has been made into a film recently (like the girl on the train for example). Jewellery is another gift which people won’t generally buy for themselves and I find that as everyone gets older, these normally come from partners so getting one from a sister/brother makes them quite special.

I’ve linked a few items above however I wanted to make these guides as more sort of inspirational rather than BUY THEM THIS NOW. I also wanted to make this post quite affordable as Christmas isn’t just about what you receive but the thought put into it. My sister would agree that she’d prefer a few reasonably priced presents than one big expensive one so I’ve created this post with her in mind.