Budget Beauty Buys That Actually Work

I always find people recommend quite expensive beauty products and while that’s great and I don’t mind spending a bit of money every now and again, sometimes it’s just as nice to find some budget items which won’t break the bank but do a lovely job. These are a few products and brands which I have been loving using lately which are all really cheap.

I’ve recently been having a bit of a break from getting my nails done so I’ve said goodbye to my lovely long, acrylic nails and as sad as that has been, I’ve actually fallen in love with painting my nails again. I thought that my nails would be brittle and in quite a bad condition after one or two years of pretty much constantly wearing acrylics but they’ve bounced back quite quickly and are quite long. Painting them is always something which I have to find time for, however there’s something so relaxing and cosy about pampering them (and myself) while watching tv or a film, perhaps with a candle burning (AKA Heaven!). I’ve got a few more expensive nail polishes in my (very small) collection however I found myself picking up this lovely pink shade from Essence which, at only £1.60 (Shade 75, “Perfect Match”) I really wasn’t expecting much from but the colour is lovely and if you’re careful and apply a base coat and top coat, you can actually get quite a lot of wear out of. I’ve got some more colours from them recently, including a lovely autumnal Red/Pinky colour which I can’t wait to use! Because they’re so cheap I find them quite a good little brand to pick certain bits up from to help switch things up in my make-up stash and also treat myself. As well as their lovely nail vanishes, two other stand out products from them for me is their Lash Princess Volumising Mascara and also their Long Lasting Lipsticks. The mascara was actually recommended by Sophie as a lovely, cruelty-free mascara and because I was in need of a new one, I thought I’d give it a go. They’ve got a few different Lash Princess Mascaras, including a waterproof one however I just decided to pick up the Sculpted Volume mascara as thats what I’m most interested in, I wear false lashes daily but I like to wear mascara with these to really blend them together. This mascara has a long, curved brush which is good for grabbing all the small lashes which can be quite hard to get to sometimes. This is actually a great mascara which is SO cheap and has the added bonus of being cruelty-free, something we should all be more aware of. As well as the mascara, I also picked up the shade 06, “Barely There” in their lipstick, which looks quite dark however it is a lovely natural nude which I think would suit a lot of people. I’m not one to wear a lot of lipstick but I like putting this on and then taking some off again so it’s quite sheer. I also really like lipstick which looks “worn” and this lipstick is perfect for this type of look.

Another brand which I can’t get enough of when it comes to buying cheaper make up is Natural Collection by Boots. This is literally Boots own brand and all the prices are very cheap, prices are generally around £2.50 which is amazing. I’ve been using their stuff for years now as they do single eyeshadows which I mainly use to fill in my eyebrows. I recently went back to Boots to see what else they offered and I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a range they have, everything from nail polish to lipsticks. I picked up three new items to try out as they are on three for two a lot, making them even cheaper! I got their Highlighter stick in Coral Glow, their Brow Kit and Brow Gel in Medium Brown. What I will say is that sometimes they don’t offer much choice with their colours, the brow kit for example only comes in one colour which isn’t the best as there is millions of different brows out there! I have found that it works well for me as I have quite dark eyebrows, however this could be an issue for other people. I like the brow kit because of the wax that it has in it, I find this really good for doing my brows and allows me to get a good shape. They also include a powder within this kit but for some reason I just don’t like this as much and barely use it. The brow gel which I picked up as well also isn’t my favourite as it is SO pigmented that it is quite hard to just put on your brows without it getting on any other hair which is around your brows. I think that you would have to be really careful with this otherwise your brows could look really fake, this is why I haven’t used this as much, however I still think that it’s a great product. I think it works best when you’ve just had your brows done.

The highlighter stick is lovely, it’s pigmented and because I got the shade “Coral Glow” it’s basically a blush as well which makes it lovely to wear and could be great for anyone in a hurry, who doesn’t have time for a million different steps and products. I like to sweep this on before I put any foundation on for an added glow but it goes just as nicely on top of make up as well. I think the three colours they have this in are lovely and it’s not too overly glitterly or fake looking. I’ve really been enjoying wearing blush again because of this little product.

Another product which I thought that I would just mention as it seemed to have taken the world by storm lately are traceless hair bobbles. They are the weirdest things to put in your hair, the first time I used one it felt so weird and unnatural but they actually work really well. Sometimes they do leave a bit of a kink, but nothing compared to what other hair bands would do! I have found that they can also pull a bit sometimes when you take them out as they can lock together if that makes sense? This tends to happen when my hair is dryer, however these cheap ones are only from Wilko and I have been loving using them instead of normal hairbands.

There we go, some cheaper budget beauty products which I’ve been loving using lately! Is there anything there which has caught your eye? What do you think of these products? I would love to know your thoughts! And don’t forget you can follow me on bloglovin to never miss a post!