Botanics – A Skincare Relaunch And Exclusive Discount Code


Botanics – The power of plants

Botanics is a plant based natural skincare brand that contains high quality plant extracts that benefit your skin. They launched in 1995 in the UK and are now a global brand. You’ve probably (definitely) seen their products in boots however at the moment they are rebranding and relaunching and I’ve been asked to share their products so you’ll be seeing a lot of this brand over the next few months! They sent me the above products to try out and I have been using them near enough every day for well over a week now and I don’t see myself NOT using them anytime soon. They’ve really become a part of my every day skincare routine and have really filled a gap in what my skin was missing.

Two items which have fitted in really easily to my routine is the All Bright (with Hibiscus) Purifying Face Scrub*, I’ve always included scrubs in my skincare as they’re something that work well with my skin, I’ve never found any too harsh and I find using them really helps brighten my skin and remove marks left from blemishes. I’ve been using this one every couple of days or so and every time it’s helped my skin look brighter and feel smoother. It’s got a lovely smell to it and feels really gentle but works well at getting rid of dead skin cells. Hibiscus is amazing for the skin as it has brightening properties and the exfoliating flower acids improve the texture of your skin and adds radiance. Along with this, I’ve been using the 100% Organic (with Rosewater) Toning Spritz* every day, mainly in the evening but sometimes if I want that extra moisture I’ll use it in the mornings as well. This is something which I’ve never really done, I know you’re meant to tone your face but it seemed like too much of an effort for me until this came along. I think why I like it so much is because of the spray bottle, this makes it so quick and easy to use. Rosewater helps to purify and refresh skin after cleansing and it always makes my skin feel so healthy and nourished.

I also got two day creams to try, the 81% Organic (with Rosehip) Hydrating Day Cream* and the All Bright (with Hibiscus) Hydrating Day Cream with SPF 15which are both really lovely. I’ve been using these daily, switching them up and sometimes layering them as I like really dewy, moisturised skin. The Organic Hydrating Day Cream with Rosehip smells amazing and with continued use is meant to improve the look and feel of your skin (something which I’m already noticing) and The All Bright Day Cream contains SPF 15 which I find really helpful as it means that this is a step I won’t ever forget and reduces the amount of products I’d have to use, making it so easy for anyone who doesn’t like to spend loads of time applying skincare. I find this day cream really brightening and makes my skin look so radiant. Both of these products are non-greasy and fast absorbing and I don’t find myself thinking that my skin looks dry throughout the day at all. I literally couldn’t pick a favourite between these two products as they are both fantastic and work so well for my skin.

Both of these ranges are suitable for all skin types, I have quite sensitive skin sometimes and never had an issue with any of these products which just goes to show how natural they are! And can we just talk about how gorgeous the new packaging is?! SO lovely and suits the products so well, it makes them look really expensive when all the products are really affordable. There’s so much attention to detail that have been paid to the packaging, even down to the information thats inside the boxes of day cream!

I have been loving using both of these ranges and will definitely be trying more in the future, there’s already a few products which I have got my eye on! All these products (and tons more) are available on the website and are currently on offer. I also have an exclusive discount code which lets you have £2 off if you apply BOTANICS2 at the checkout.

Let me know what you think of these products! Have you tried anything from Botanics before?