Being Radiant With Freshly Cosmetics.

AD | Contains Gifted Products

I was completely surprised by Freshly Cosmetics recently when their new, Limited Edition launch came to my door. It was so thoughtful of them to send this to me and I was completely surprised and am obviously under no obligation to share. I have been gifted a few bits from Freshly before, you can read about them here and here.

Their “Be Radiant” Pack is a collection of three of their most desired products. First of all, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Every Freshly Cosmetics package comes in 100% recyclable material which I really appreciate that as there are so many items which come in needless packaging.

The actual box this comes in is so lovely and showcases the products really well. It makes the whole package feel just that little bit more luxe.

The three products that the Be Radiant Pack contains is the Golden Radiance Body Oil, Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum and the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum. All three of these products are dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

I was very lucky to be gifted their Golden Radiance Body Oil for another post, which I’m quite pleased about as now I have a backup. This oil nourishes and moisturises your skin whilst treating cellulite. It reduces stretch marks and also improves the firmness of your skin. It also genuinely smells incredible and I use it most days on dry areas. I prefer using oils in the summer so I’m definitely going to be getting a lot of use out of it.

I’ve only used the other products a handful of times since receiving the package, which is not quite enough time to see any results. However, my overall first impressions are really good. The Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum is meant to reduce wrinkles by 46% thanks to the combined action of Glucuronic Acid, Peony, and Centella Asiatica. It’s a really nice product and a little bit goes a long way.

The Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum deeply exfoliates and increases facial skin renewal without irritation thanks to enzymes and the concentration of 12 innovative natural technologies (head to their website to read more about this!). I’m really excited to start seeing results from using it as I’m hoping it’ll help get rid of some of my acne scars. I was so excited to use this product as it is really blue. I wasn’t expecting just how pigmented the colour was. I like to double cleanse my skin, exfoliate and then apply this by patting it in.

The “Be Radiant” Pack unites innovation, quality, and experience, with a touch of boldness and elegance. Being radiant is an everyday attitude and Freshly Cosmetics have created the Be Radiant pack to allow you to feel radiant every day, without exception.

Have you tried anything from Freshly Cosmetics before? What do you think of this Limited Edition Pack?