Bedroom Wishlist

For the longest time now I’ve wanted to update our bedroom and add more colour to it. I felt the same when we were in the flat, we got the “big” items of furniture and it was a practical room to sleep in but it was never very pretty and we always wanted to update it a bit, which I talk about in this post

Obviously, we’ve moved back into my parents now and the room has changed around a bit, however, we’ve got it how we like it now but again, I want to update it and add more colour.

The first place I went to for inspiration is Kate’s blog, she’s the homeware queen and gives me so so much inspiration. I love how she has her bedding and I thought this would be a good place to start as you can get quite inexpensive cushions and bedding now. Some of my favourite places to look are Matalan as they do big cushions and also Ikea. I want to take a trip to Ikea soon which could be very dangerous for my bank balance as I love the place and normally end up with a massive trolley. 

I asked over on my Instagram if anyone had any recommendations for places to get nice homeware from and the lovely Lucy suggested Asda. This is a place which I love to shop but I’ve never really looked at their homeware before. I’ve had a look online and they do some really nice cushions for quite an inexpensive price so I’ll have to take a trip to a big store to have a look around. Homesense was another suggestion but I find they can be quite pricey.. never the less I’ll probably find a million things I want to buy!

Another way I want to update our space is by buying some prints. I find these are a really easy way to change the feel of a space, they’re great at adding colour and interest and you can always change the art in the frames or move the prints around. I have a few frames and prints at the moment but I think they’re getting a bit boring for me to look as I haven’t changed them in a good while. Oliver Bonas always have much a nice selection of art and of course there’s also Desenio too. There’s normally discount codes floating around for Desenio so I’m sure I’ll make an order at some point. 

There’s a few other pieces I want to buy, the usual things like candles as I think they make everything look so cosy. I also want to buy a lamp for my desk and I’ve got my eye on this one, which is unfortunately sold out at the moment. My desk needs a bit of work again, I’m spending a lot of time at it but it’s in a corner now so I think a lamp and some prints could help make the space a bit more enjoyable and cosy. 

What do you think of my homeware picks? Have you got any tips for updating your bedroom?