Beauty Tips From Tik Tok.

I’ve actually learnt quite a few things from Tik Tok. It’s a social media which I love experimenting with and I love a good long scroll on there seeing all the funny/random videos. My feed is mainly filled with dog videos…

It always surprises me when I see something on there that I decide to try out myself. It’s just not somewhere I expect to learn something from?! But there’s a few things on there which I have seen and tried myself AND they’ve worked!

A new way to wear false eyelashes…

I scroll so much that I can’t remember who I found this out from, it was from a beauty guru though. I’ve never tried it before now, it didn’t even occur to me that this was possible but she basically said she always puts her false eyelashes underneath her lashes… not on top.

Now I would suggest watching a video on this to see if it’s for you as not everyone would be comfortable with this method. I have tried it with some leftover strip lashes, they were cut off so I popped a few little pieces on, almost like individual lashes which made it a tiny bit more fiddly BUT I did think it looked good.

If you’re not skilled at putting false lashes on then I would think this might be more hassle than it’s worth but I did like the look they gave my eyes. I think they give more of a “lash extension” look and if I’m not wearing eyeliner than it’s better at hiding the lash band this way.

I will continue to try this method I think as I did find it comfortable but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I also don’t think this would work for all false lashes as some are quite heavy.

Shaving legs up and down

Now this is really hard to explain but apparently it gives you a really close, smooth shave. I have tried this but I don’t think my leg hair was long enough to get the full benefits, but it did seem to work!

So you get your razor, put it against your skin as if you were about to pull it up your leg against your hair but instead of taking it off your skin to start again… you just slide it back down. So your razor isn’t leaving your skin at any point, it’s just sliding up and down your leg.

I really really hope that that makes sense?! As I’ve said, this does seem to work and it means you get less nicks from your razor as it tends to slide along your leg. Give this a go and let me know if it works for you!

Dressing gown hair hack

I’m sure we’ve all seen this on Tik Tok at some point, right? It really works! I have a whole post up on some tips and tricks if you’re struggling with this hack but it’s the only way I curl my hair now as it’s easy to do, leave overnight and then you don’t have to spend ages the next day styling your hair!

If you haven’t seen this hack before, there’s a lot of tutorials on youtube, but it’s basically where you use your dressing gown cord to curl your hair overnight by wrapping it around the cord and sleeping on it. I have to lightly wet my hair otherwise it doesn’t work for me but it definitely gives me some messy curls and makes getting ready the next day so quick.

Soap Brows

Everyone on Tik Tok seems to do their brows this way1 I actually hadn’t really tried it before however, I had some soap so I gave it a go and I actually really like it?! Now, you can go absolutely overboard with it but I like to brush my brows up and to the side slightly to make them more natural. I find it makes my face look better, it’s quicker (who knew??) and it makes my brow look 100% better and much more full.

There are lots of wonderful tutorials on youtube about how to do this technique, but give it a go! If really doesn’t have to be harsh and is now the only way I do my brows. From personal experience though, you definitely need to make sure you’re using a clear soap…

There’s a handful of the beauty hacks I’ve learnt from Tik Tok! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these?!