Beauty Essentials

These are just a few bits that I find myself reaching for quite a lot and I have found that are some essentials for me personally.

Nail Polish and Base Coat
I generally always have acrylic nails however I have found that nail polish is something which I always have to own. I usually have my toenails painted in some colour or another which lasts for ages, I do this myself as I like having pretty feet however I don’t see the point in paying someone for this as it’s mainly only me who will see it and who likes having their feet touched!? I don’t own too many bottles however I usually have a mint or a light pink available. It’s also handy if I chip the polish on my acrylics I can just touch them up/paint over. Base coat is also an essential for anyone who paints their nails as it stops them from turning yellow, I try to buy strengthening ones as I just think that this is better for my nails.

Lip balm
This is something which I always have to have with me at all times. I am OBSESSED with always having moisturised lips so much so that I have two by my bed, two on my desk and more in my bag. On the rare occasions which I don’t have any lip balm with me you’ll know about as I tend to get a bit grumpy. Nivea do some really nice lip products and this one is a recent favourite as it smells like blueberries and is such a pretty colour. I normally go for ones which I don’t have to use my fingers to apply (ew) however this was discounted to 50p and I couldn’t resist.

Eyelash Curlers
I am someone who always wears a lot of dark eye make-up in the form of a black eyeliner (always a wing) and lots of mascara. This is something which I have worn for so many years it is just me now and I feel a bit strange without it. Because of this I find eyelash curlers a must have as they add so much lift to the eyes, help mascara to go on better and are literally eye opening.

Light Coverage Foundation and Concealer
The one in the image is technically a BB cream which I like however this one shown is in the shade medium which is a tiny bit too dark for me (I’m very pale) so I tend to mix this with a light foundation. I’ve found that as I have gotten older, I prefer to wear less heavy looking/feeling make-up and often I hate most foundations as they end up looking cakey. I much prefer a very light coverage foundation or BB cream which sometimes I will still use a damp make-up sponge to lighten even further. I’ll then use a concealer to cover any blemishes etc. I find this the best combination for me and my skin personally. The above concealer (Lasting perfection – lightest shade) is one that I have worn for many years and is so good for a hughstreet concealer, this is something that I always repurchase.

Beauty Tools
Pictured is a variety of “beauty tools” which I often use on a daily basis and don’t need much explaining. I always have hairbands on my wrist or in my bag as you never know when you or a friend will need one and theres nothing worse than needing one and not having any with you. The same goes for bobby pins however it is very rare for me to need these as I hardly ever pin my hair back, but it is good to own.

What are some of your beauty essentials?