Are We Out Of Touch With Bloggers?


A little while ago now, I read a post stating that it was right and justified to have something called a “write off day”. This post was basically saying how people get burnt out, stressed, tired and when it feels like you can lose it at everything and anything, this was the time to just drop everything and have a ‘write off day”. Which is essentially a day where you don’t achieve and just stay at home, in pjs on the sofa not doing/moving or even saying much, watching mindless TV and eating.

My question is this: how is this something that just anyone can do? What about all those people with full time jobs that pay their rent? Nurses that HAVE to work otherwise can you imagine the chaos in Hospitals all around the globe? What about all those full time mums out there who physically cannot take the day off and sit on the sofa for hours on end because they have a whole other person that depends on them that they have to look after?


I get that the post was supporting mental health. Looking after your mental health is incredibly important but sitting at home doing nothing is not something that just anyone can do. If this is a way that you regularly feel, then it could be part of a bigger problem and you should seek out the help of loved ones or advice from a doctor. Sitting on the sofa, although it may help in the short term, is not going to make you feel any better in the long run.

I feel like the post could have been changed in so many ways which would have perhaps made it more helpful, perhaps suggesting how to spend your next day off or ways to have a “self care evening” or even ways to get through the day until you can get home and spend time by yourself.

Not everyone can just decide to sit around. Not everyone can decide that they can’t go to work because they’d feel better if they stayed at home.

A lot of bloggers don’t actually need to leave the house to work – in the case of meetings and perhaps taking photos yes but otherwise, they can stay in their pjs in bed answering emails, typing up posts. They don’t have the routine or restrictions of a 9-5 job or even retail jobs to go to where you have to let someone know of your every move and have to even ask to go to the toilet. YES working for yourself can be great but surely they’d be able to remember that not everyone can just do what they want? There is time restrictions, lunch breaks and most importunity you have to actually GO to work, not decide that it would be better to stay home.

When reading this post, I felt really out of touch with her (and all bloggers) and it really got me thinking about others that would read it. Most of the comments were people agreeing (probably because they just want someone to look at their comment and click through to their own blog) however someone did actually share the same feelings as me on the subject. While it’s great that bloggers are able to take a day off and do nothing when they feel like it, not me nor anyone I know would be able to do that in a million years.

There has been a lot of drama lately in the blogging industry, and I don’t mean to add to it but I like that everyone is voicing their opinions and actually discussing issues which they have with bloggers/the blogging culture rather then just agreeing and going along with everything. I actually have found that I look up to certain bloggers but when certain things happen it really makes you think about the whole culture and whether it’s actually something that you feel a part of or even want to be a part of.


I don’t think anyone means to sell out or change however things DO change and you definitely can’t please everyone. People have different experiences, values and most importantly they lead different lives. The things that I don’t find relatable – someone else probably will and that’s okay. But when you’re quite a big online personality and you know people read your posts, you need to take into account those “normal people”. The content that bloggers/influencers create is for them. They are your audience so you need to create relatable content, things that people are going to read/watch, understand, relate to and agree with.

I think that quite a lot of bloggers lead different lives now and because of this, because they work from home and get to pick what they want to do and when they want to do it – they are out of touch with us and this means we are out of touch with them. I think this is part of the reason why I steer clear of posting lifestyle content. There is a few posts up yes but mainly I find that it’s easier to write about beauty and I think that many people feel this way.

What do you think? Do you feel like you can relate to your favourite blogger?