April Goals


I honestly cannot believe how fast the year is now going, it seems only yesterday that we were all complaining that January was going on forever and now it’s April! It’s crazy but I’m honestly looking forward to the next couple of months so much. I think this time of year is really my favourite season as you have the bright, light evenings and it’s not too hot or cold. Not to mention that the fashion around this type of year is my favourite, I’m quite laid back when it comes to clothes, I like wearing jeans and a nice top always as well as sandals and jumpers so I cannot wait for when I don’t have to wear a coat all the time!

March was a good month, again it was a lot more quiet than January or February. The 10th marked a month since we moved out of my parents house, still so strange to think about but it’s going well.There’s still so much we need to get and organise for the flat but I’m not rushing it anymore, it’ll happen when it happens!

Elliot and I also attended his brothers weddings in the middle of March, and that weekend it also decided to snow! Nothing major, definitely not as bad as the last time round but tottering around town in a dress (this one!) and heels while it was snowing was pretty interesting! I’ve never been to a wedding before (the first of three this year!) but it was honestly such a lovely day.


01. I really want to book somewhere to go away. Me and elliot have been saying how much we’d like some time off for ages now and although it’s currently the easter weekend where he has two four day weeks and a four day weekend.. I think we both just need some time off to rest and recharge. I would love to even book just a night away at a hotel, somewhere close like Bath or Brighten so we’re not too far away but we can still do some exploring.

02. I really want to invest in a super pretty but practical eyeshadow palette. Whenever I buy myself make up, I always seem to go drugstore and get the bits I’ve been after for a while, I normally buy from good brands but it’s always just the essentials. This month I’d really like to treat myself to a higher end make up item, preferably a palette of some sort. I’m thinking maybe Too Faced, the Soft Glam palette or even something from Charlotte Tilbury? If you have any recommendations then I’d love to know!

03. If nothing else, I really want (NEED) to buy a mirror for our bedroom this month! I have been putting my make up on in the bathroom, but doing my hair in my iPhone camera and it’s getting quite tedious. I really would like something round, either a wood or gold frame and fairly big. Our bedroom is probably the least favourite room in our flat for me, it needs some love (and a paint!) but I think the addition of a mirror would really help the space. Ideally I’d like to paint first but thats all weather dependent etc. Hopefully with the better weather though we’ll make some process on this.


I don’t have many goals this month as I always think that perhaps these big long lists can be a bit too much pressure. I’m super happy just to chill out this month, see what happens and spend light bright evenings going for walks and just appreciating this time of year. What are your plans/goals for this month? Anything exciting happening?

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