An exciting new launch of Face & Body scrubs – Typology Paris.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

If you haven’t heard of Typology before, you’re seriously missing out. They’re fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands because of their fantastic products. They’re one of those brands that just seem to get it right every time. Affordable but still focused on producing quality products that work. They’ve recently released a new range of face and body scrubs too, and very kindly sent me some over to try.

I received their Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil (Plantes – 2003) which is a body scrub infused with Apricot Kernel Powder. It’s also enriched with Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil. This is a melting exfoliating gel that softens and nourishes your skin.

I love the fact that it’s a gel. Most body scrubs that I’ve used in the past have been a balm or a creamy based product that can feel very heavy and greasy – the fact that this is a gel suggests that it’s a very lightweight product from the start (which it is). I’m also fascinated by the fact that it turns from a gel, into an oil as you massage it into your skin and then it changes consistency again and becomes a milk-like product upon contact with water, making it oh so easy to rinse off.

Body scrubs are essential in any good skincare routine. Most people forget that giving your body a good scrub every now and again can be so beneficial. It’s not just the skin on your face you have to look after – Dry and rough skin, ingrown hairs, dullness… The accumulation of dead skin cells blocking your skin’s surface anywhere on your body can provoke many skin concerns and weekly exfoliation is essential.

The ingredients in this scrub are some of the best; Sweet almond oil nourishes, soothes, and softens the skin. Meanwhile, its high vitamin E content offers antioxidant properties and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier function, making it more resistant. Lavandin super essential oil has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, improving your skin natural healing process (essential if you’re bad at shaving… like me!).

The ingredients within this product are 100% naturally-derived, something which is reflected in the packaging.

I have been loving using this scrub. I only use it about once a week (this tube should last for a good 8-12 weeks depending on how many times you use it per week) but each and every time it leaves my skin soft, soften and feeling refreshed. It doesn’t dry out my skin (like other scrubs can) and I always feel very pampered about using this product.

It also smells absolutely gorgeous, even my partner comments on how lovely it smells when I come out of the shower. It’s a scent that lasts as well! I’ve been experimenting with the best way of using this scrub and I actually think I like using it first, before any other products. I also use it just as I step into the shower, before turning the water on as any water that it comes into contact with will change its consistency.

Alongside their body scrub, they also sent me over one of their newly launched face scrubs; the Regenerating Facial Scrub with Olive Squalane. I am quite a bit fan of facial scrubs, they’re very refreshing and awaking and they can be good for your skin as they remove all your dead skin cells… However, a lot of the facial scrubs available out there are really abrasive and too damaging for your skin.

I’m always a bit cautious with using new scrubs (as you should be using any new product), however, I really didn’t have anything to worry about as it feels gentle enough to not irritate my skin. I’ve been using it for a while now and it definitely doesn’t seem to have damaged my skin at all. It’s very moisturising I think because of the gel-like consistency too.

This scrub is a triple textural product that exfoliates the skin, unclog pores, and refine skin texture. After use, your skin is nourished, smoothed and your complexion is left more radiant. Similar to the body scrub, it has three forms, starting as a gel, then oil and finally changing into a milk-like consistency when rinsing.

This face scrub is enriched with olive-based Squalane, a naturally-rich emollient that’s known for its skin-barrier protecting actions. It’s non-greasy and quickly penetrates the epidermis and works to regenerate the skin’s protective film barrier. The skin stays hydrated longer, the sensations of tightness specific to dry skin diminish, and the skin becomes softer and more supple. This scrub is also enriched with Geranium Rosat Essential Oil, known for its regenerating properties. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and aids in firming the skin. Abricot kernel powder offers gentle exfoliation, it’s a fine grain that exfoliates without being overly-abrasive. As always, these ingredients are 100% naturally-derived.

I’ve really enjoying exploring some more from Typology Paris, I don’t think there’s a product that I’ve tried from them that I don’t like. Their products and ingredients seem to really get on well with my skin. I highly recommend you check them out!

Have you tried anything from Typology Paris?