Achieving a Healthy White Smile With Whitewash


I have never had an issue with my teeth, perhaps I could go to the dentist more regularly and although my teeth aren’t the straightest that they could be, I’ve never had any issues or really thought too much about them. It’s only been this year really that I’ve given them more thought, what with various weddings coming up. I’ve always been interested in teeth whitening, but never been brave enough (until now!) to give it a go. Now my teeth really aren’t that bad but I do drink as lot of tea and coffee. They’re not too stained or dull, but also not the brightest in the world (imagine!).

When the opportunity to try the Whitewash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips landed in my inbox, I really did jump at the chance to give them a go. I hadn’t heard about this company before (even though they are incredibly popular) and I was really excited to experiment with these strips.

When they arrived, I not only received the Intensive Whitening Strips (enough for two weeks) but also some travel type minis of the Whitening Mouthwash, the Whitening Toothpaste and also the Anti-Stain Floss Tape. I wasn’t expecting to receive these and it was a really nice touch. The entire package was really nicely branded, packaged and everything little detail had so much thought put into it. Everything also has the Whitewash Nano branding on it which is a gorgeous white and gold.


The Nano Intensive Whitening Strips have been designed with the help of UK Dentists to help you achieve a healthy white smile. I know some people can be a little nervous about their teeth and the dentist in general and many people also think that whitening your teeth can damage them and increase sensitivity. These Nano Strips (and all their products) are safe to use on enamel and use dentist approved ingredients. 

I have to admit that I didn’t start using the Nano Strips straight away after receiving the package, mainly just because after reading the instructions for use and learning that you had to leave the strips on for a whole hour, I wanted to get into a proper routine. Now, because of my work, sometimes I don’t have that much time in the evenings so instead after checking that I could, I decided that it would fit into my routine better if I used these in the morning. I would normally put these on after showering, and leave them in while I was getting ready and doing my hair/make up and I found this way, you could almost forget that you had the strips in. An hour is quite a long time to have them in (I found I couldn’t really talk with them in either) so multitasking was a good way to make the time pass quicker. 

The first time that I used this, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I read all the information but it’s a weird experience sticking these to your teeth. After the first time applying them, I found I got better at using them. I did also get a wonderful tip from the lovely Faye which was that you need to make sure to really smooth them out across your teeth as this would help you achieve a more even effect. 

I really don’t think anyone should be nervous to use this product as after the first time it really does get easier. It is a weird feeling having these in but just make sure to watch tv or read and you can easily distract yourself and forget about them. Removing them is also super easy, you just basically pull them off your teeth, brushing any remaining product off. When you take the strips out, sometimes you can see little white patches left on your teeth but these disappear almost straight away.

Now, if you’re expecting a really intensive harsh change (Ross Geller vibes) then these aren’t for you, but if you want to maintain whiteness or just want to achieve a naturally whiter smile by a few shades then these are fab. Yes leaving them in for an hour might be a bit of hassle but I think it’s worth it for the results that they produce. 

I found that I really got into a routine with these Nano Strips and have enjoyed experimenting with the product. I was really impressed with how much whiter these left my teeth and I would like to use these again in the future. 

Overall I’m super impressed with the brand and had a really good experience of whitening my teeth for the first time! Have you tried anything from Whitewash before? What do you think of the brand?