Accessorising In Winter.

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I think winter is a hard season for dressing, especially when it comes to accessories. I’ve never been much of an accessories girl however recently I’ve been trying to embrace them more.

I wrote a similar post a little while ago in the summer explaining my feelings about accessories then, particularly jewellery. After my surgeries, I’ve had to remove a lot of my piercings and I’ve not replaced them just yet. At the moment, I just focus on my lobes (I have both my first and second done) and my nose ring. I would like to wear necklaces in the future but I don’t want to irritate my scar at the moment, or draw attention to my swollen face!

I used always to think I liked sliver jewellery, and I have some big hoops (seriously, they’re massive) that I love however I am loving gold at the moment. I think it suits my skin tone better. However, I am planning on dying my hair dark brown again soon so we’ll see which ones I prefer then!

It’s harder to accessorise in winter as you’re wearing so many layers, not many people see or focus on what jewellery you’re wearing. There’s just something about wearing a few key pieces through which makes you feel just so put together? It’s hard to explain but it makes you feel that little bit more special and I don’t know about anyone else but it seems to give me a little bit of a confidence boost, which is no bad thing.

  • Earrings.

Earrings are easy to wear as they’re often not covered up, sometimes I wear my hair slightly over them but they look cute peeking through. I love the tassel ones however I’m not sure they’re still on trend?! The bigger the earrings, the better in my opinion. I always try and pair the ones in my first and second lobe together and make sure they suit each other. Sometimes I’ll just wear earrings in my first piercing and not the other. Having your ears pierced means you can wear some really versatile pieces.

Asos have some lovely bits in, H&M also do great value packs which contain about five (and sometimes more) pairs of earrings if you want to build your collection. Of course, there’s Topshop if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual and Primark is you’re on a budget.


I have also switched up my handbag recently too, from a classic over the shoulder bag to one with a long strap which I often wear just in front of me. You can see it in this post here. This was again because I’ve had some trouble with my shoulder (complications from my second surgery..) and also because I was so annoyed about carrying around so much stuff with me I didn’t need?? There’s something about a bit bag which means I just want everything with me all the time. Since switching to my smaller bag and reducing the amount of stuff I’ve been taking with me, I haven’t missed any of it at all! Am I becoming a minimal girl after all?!

I’d would like to find a bag which is in-between the size I’m using now and a tiny bit bigger as I’d like to be able to carry my camera and tripod a bit easier. I think Elliot’s got me a bigger tripod for Christmas (and if not, then this is a big hint) and I’d like to find something that I can fit this into. I also need to find a purse that holds all my cards etc and fits in a smaller bag as at the moment I’m using a card holder!

I think River Island does my current bag and I believe that they do another size however I don’t want that to be too big? I’m so fussy when it comes to bags, honestly! Something that I do love about this bag though is that it has gold hardware, so it matches all my other accessories perfectly.

River island do some lovely bags (however I’m not a fan of them putting “River Island” across the front) which look a lot more expensive than they all. I think they’re also really durable as I’ve had mine for ages and it still looks brand new.

So, there’s my little update on how I’m accessorising this winter. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I’d thought I’d share anyway in case you’re anything like me and need all the inspiration you can get! I’ve also included some of my favourite picks below:

How do you like to accessorise in winter?