A Sweet Surprise From BeautyBlender

The wonderful team over at Beautyblender sent me a surprise bit of mail last week and it was so so unexpected but made my day opening the package up so thank you to them! I obviously don’t have to post about this product at all but I love the idea behind the whole concept so much. 

I was first introduced to using a Beautyblender for my make up when they very kindly sent me one a few months ago and now, I can honestly say it’ll be the only sponge that I use! The Beautyblender offers an almost airbrushed finish when used with all kinds of make up products, I normally just use Rimmel Foundations (my favourite being the one with the red lid) and this sponge allows me to create a completely flawless finish. I think the fact that it is edgeless helps it blend beautifully across large areas, as well as reaching the smaller contours of your face.

The surprise package that I was sent contained their new Sweet Surprise set. This gift set is held within a fun mini bag to hide the mystery shade of the Beautyblender. The colours that you could get include the classic pink (which is what I received) but also lemon yellow, vibrant aquamarine or a sneak-peek at the limited edition new 2019 colour) plus you also get a limited edition mini Blendercleanser Solid Swirl, this is something which I haven’t used before but I am so excited to give a go as I never know how to properly clean up my beautyblender. 

I am so pleased with the Beautyblender I received, I would have been pleased whichever colour I discovered but you really can’t go wrong with the classic vivid pink. I think these sets would make a lovely gift, especially now we’re getting nearer to Christmas (which I’m allowed to mention now we’re in November). I think any beauty lover would be thrilled to receive this, it would also make a great stocking filler. 

I am yet to use the Soild Swirl cleanser but I’m interested to see how it cleans. I can’t wait to use my lovely new Beautyblender. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend so I might try wearing more make up than normal and I know this will give me a flawless base to work with. 

Have you tried a Beautyblender before? What do you think of this gift set?

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