A Summertime Refresh.

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I’ve never been a proper summer loving person, I’m definitely more of a fan of the changing seasons, like spring into summer or summer into autumn. However, this year I want to try and embrace summer that little bit more as there’s just no reason not to.

One thing that I’d like to do is to get out and explore more and go on more adventures, even if they are just local. We won’t be able to go away this summer (but perhaps we might be able to afford a city break in the winter?!) so I’d like to explore around my own hometown instead. I’d like to visit Winchester again as I haven’t been there in a while and there’s also Lymington nearby too, which is such a lovely little town.

We have a fair few different zoos nearby and I’d also like to embrace some “proper” summer activities like going fruit picking and visiting a lavender field. These are the kind of free activities that appeal to me.

I actually joined Elliot at a car festival at the weekend after a last minute change of plan and although normally it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, we had a really lovely weekend and even stayed overnight somewhere cheap as well. This is the kind of thing I want to do more of over the last of the summer and into Autumn/Winter as well.

Summer Time Beauty

I’ve been trying to embrace a more summery beauty routine recently. Making sure I have a good SPF in my routine has been a big focus for me recently after I accidentally burnt whilst not realising in the sun. I now have terrible tan lines across my shoulders which is why I stick to self-tanning! I picked up a Dry Sunscreen Spray from Asda of all places and it’s really simple to spritz on and go. It’s great for taking with us too as it’s so light and easy to re-apply and they do a couple of different ones, the one I picked up is SPF 15 but I know they do an SPF 30 which I’m going to keep my eye out for.

I’ve also been alllll about the moisturiser as my skin gets ten times drier in the summer (something I didn’t think was possible) so I’m keeping a big tub of body moisturiser on my bedside table as well as aftersun (so lovely and cooling after a shower even if I haven’t burnt!) and also some facial oils.

The freshly Red Velvet Facial Oil is my favourite at the moment as it just leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and makes it look instantly brighter.

Soap & Glory are a brand that can do no wrong in my eyes. I have been using their Heel Genius for my tired feet every evening. I sometimes just apply some before I go to sleep but mainly I’ll put a whole lot on and then wear socks the whole evening to allow it to soak in and work its magic. this product has kept my feet looking and feeling so wonderfully smooth and it has been a total lifesaver this time of year.

Making Little Routines

I never thought I was a routine kinda person but it turns out I love them. I find I’m so much more productive if I have a little routine going and it makes me feel accomplished too. With Elliot back at work, we wake up together quite early, spend some time in bed having a coffee, breakfast and planning our days. Then he goes off to work and I’ll spend about an hour, tidying up and doing a bit of a clean. I’ll make the bed, wipe down the surfaces, hoover and tidy anything away and probably put a wash load on. Sometimes I might do this with music on too as it’s a total mood booster. It’s so lovely to open the curtains, throw open all the windows and make our space tidy for us to spend some time in whilst the sun is shining. It helps me start the day too as I feel so motivated just doing a few jobs like these.

Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been making our space better for us by changing up some of the furniture, accessories and selling anything we don’t need. I’m quite a minimal person so not every surface is cluttered but I still make sure I go through our stuff and get rid of bits we don’t need, things like paperwork that can hang around for ages unless filed away and receipts. I think, no matter where you live, you deserve to have a tidy space that works for you and that’s something I’ve really been trying to embrace.

I’ve been trying to make sure our space has a little bit more personality too. I’ve wanted to do this for a while so I’ve been collecting various bits like new artwork and cushion covers to add a more personal touch to the space. Getting another plant is high on my to-do list as greenery just refreshes a room.

Moving More

With all the bright, blue skies in summer, it’s hard to not want to get out there and get moving. I go for so many more cycle rides in the summer months as it’s just such a lovely thing to do and it really improves my mood. I have lost a little bit of weight recently (the weight I put on after my surgeries) from just moving more. I find it helps my mental health too as sometimes I find it’s been three days since I last left the house! Going for even just a ten-minute walk can have some wonderful benefits and helps me so much. A lot of the time we’ll wait until the early evening as it’s cooler/quieter but now it’s the summer holidays, I think getting up early and getting out on our bikes whilst everyone’s still in bed would be good!

I have also been unintentionally fasting a little bit too which I’m sure has helped with the weight loss however I’m not sure it’s the healthiest option. What does everything think about fasting?

Food Food Food

After my horrible hospital diet, I’ve found that I haven’t slipped back into my old ways and that, as stupid as it might sound, I’m appreciating food more. I have really been into salads recently as you can just add so much variety to them and also I’ve been making my own coleslaw. I find it’s a good (and tasty) way of adding different veg into my diet as it doesn’t taste like vegetables! I also have been craving tacos as you can have so much variety with these and they can be quite healthy, and delicious! I’d love to start eating more seasonal foods and introducing different recipes into the mix as I sometimes think we just eat the same meals over and over again.

I think with autumn slowly approaching, it’s natural for me to want to make routines and fresh starts as September always brought on a change for a lot of us. Now I’m older I don’t think that should stop and I’m trying to just embrace this time of year as an adult.

What does your summer routine consist of?