A Summer Device Update.

AD – This post contains PR Samples from CaseApp.

As you may know, I collab with CaseApp quite often as they’re always so generous with sending me some of their gorgeous products. I love the variety of their cases and laptop skins and you can personalise your own custom phone case or laptop skin too. If you’d like to see what I’ve previously picked out from CaseApp, you can here and here.

They allowed me to pick out a few things for the summer to give my devices a little refresh. I’ve been in need of a new laptop skin for a while as mine had been through the wars a bit. The only skins I’ve used have been from CaseApp. I’d really recommend them as they’re so long-lasting and not only protect your laptop from scratches but make it look oh so cute too.

My last laptop skin was this cute Black Dots On White. However, I decided to go a bit different this time. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE line drawings (and plants) so I decided to go for the Beige Jungle Skin. It’s neutral tones and has a very lovely line drawn style to it. It’s all different leaves but the one most noticeable leaf is a Monstera leaf and I actually have a Monstera plant so I felt like this was the perfect fit.

My last laptop skin did such a wonderful job at protecting my laptop, there were no scratches etc at all and I loved it but this new one is so much more “me” now and has made my laptop look brand new.

I also was very kindly allowed to pick out a phone case from CaseApp for my iPhone 8+. They do so many phone brands so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your phone.

I’ve had my iPhone for the longest time now and it’s getting quite beat up (I drop it multiple times a day…) so I decided to try out their “tough” cases. I’ve never tried a tough case before and I’m really impressed with it. The design I went for is the “Hidden” case which is a very abstract design of a woman.

I personally love the design and how it compliments the black edges of the “tough” case. The case itself is incredibly well made, it’s really nice to hold in your hand and doesn’t make my phone feel bigger or chunky which I know some tough cases can do.

I like how both the laptop skin and the iPhone case are quite similar in tone and go well together. CaseApp tends to cater to whatever aesthetic you like and have a range of cases which all go well together. You can also create a personalised phone case or laptop skin but they have so many amazing pre-made designs I never get that far!

I’m so happy with how my laptop and phone look now. Not only are they stylish but also protected and they’ve had a much-needed refresh. I actually have a 20% code for you too! Just enter 20MMADI at the checkout (the discount code will be active until the end of July 2020).

Have you tried anything from CaseApp before? What do you think of the designs I picked?