A Summer Clothing Refresh.

AD – This post contains affiliate links.

I realised I didn’t have much summer-appropriate clothing recently, right when we had the heatwave. I do spend a lot of my time in workout leggings due to my work but I do love a midi dress. A lot of mine actually have long sleeves though, which is just not nice when it’s 27 degrees!

It’s not always so hot in the UK but I think adding a few new items to my summer wardrobe wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m the kind of person who lives to buy bits here and there (mainly jumpers) but I can go months without doing a proper shop as I think it’s a bit of a hassle as I always over order and have to send some things back.

I need a nice pair of sandals, a hat and some new sunnies which don’t fall off my head so I headed to ASOS. I like to shop on there as they have so many retailers BUT I do find this can sometimes mean you have things from different places all in different sizes. I hate when one size in one shop is a completely different size in another shop…

I do really like ASOS own brand stuff and New Look too. I have a few dresses from Matalan as well. I want to spend some more time browsing on Monki too. I have a couple of really nice pieces from there and I love their fun prints and patterns. Their stuff is very “cool” and oversized which I love.

Let me know what you think of my picks and some of your favourite outfits to wear when it’s hot! I’d love to know where you shop if you’re a size 14/16 like me?