My Spring/Summer Pamper Routine.

This post contains gifted products, marked with an *. I am under no obligation to post about these products. Contains afflilate links.

I’m definitely one of those people who comes alive in the summer. I like to kid that I’m an Autumn person but there’s just something about the sun that makes me happy. I also like to kid myself that I’m someone who keeps up beauty routines all year round but that’s definitely not true either. I think it’s just too cold to spend an extra five minutes slathing on moisturiser.

I definitely tend to pamper my body a bit more in summer, more hair masks to keep my locks healthy and shiny (such as this one) and definitely more shaving and moisturising too, obviously.

I also strangely seem to have more baths come summertime. I love baths but I also love to have them ridiculously hot. Bathing with the window open with a nice breeze coming through is perfect to me.

There are definitely products I tend to reach for more in the warmer months. For instance, I’m definitely a fan of body oils in the summer as I find them really nourishing but not suitable in the winter as they do take a few extra minutes to sink in. The Freshly Cosmetics Golden Radiance Body Oil* is such a lovely product as it smells divine and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

Tanning is again, something that I make more time when it gets nearer summer. My favourite self-tanning product at the moment is the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum* as it has such a nice natural colour and even if you only leave it on for a few hours, you still get such a nice light glow. I’ve also been using their Moisturising Facial Drops* a lot recently and these make such a difference. You can customise the colour as well by only adding a few drops into your moisturiser which I love as sometimes I only want a bit of a glow.

The last few months I haven’t really been wearing much make up and I always find Spring/Summer is when I wear less anyway. There are a few staples that I always tend to reach for (such as my Glossier Haloscope and my lash curler) but as half my face is covered by massive sunglasses, I tend to give make up a miss. I have been reaching for my NYK1 Secrets Lash Force* so much recently though as I’ve found it’s made my lashes more fluffy and has given them added length. This and my lash curler makes the perfect pair!

Another area that I tend to pay more attention to in summer is my feet. It might sound weird but I wear sandals 99% of the time when the sun shows its face and this means my feet can get dryer a lot quicker. I was sent a massive box of goodies from Palmer’s recently (which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram) and I have been loving trying lots of their products. The most stand out products for me is their Coconut Oil Foot Oil*, Deep Moisturising Foot Magic* and their Heel Repair Balm*. I love palmer’s products as they smell amazing and are so quick at getting to work and adding hydration to the areas that need it most.

Also included inside this PR package was the Magnitone Well Heeled Express Pedicure System* which I have used a good few times now and I genuinely didn’t know that I could love something that gets rid of all the dead skin on my feet so much. This machine is genius, it’s gentle but works quickly and leaves even the toughest of skin feeling so smooth. I have to admit that I never really paid much attention to my feet before but this has made all the difference to my pamper routine and has made me more confident to wear sandals.

Does your beauty routine tend to change for the summer months?