A Spa Experience At BeautyH


I was recently very kindly invited along to a sneak peak of the new spa rooms opening at Hoburne Bashley in New Milton, this was a little preview before they were actually open and with a glass of bubbly and a free treatment on offer how could I refuse. I also asked if I perhaps could bring someone along (mainly because I can’t drive..) and I was very kindly allowed to, so my boyfriend also got a little treat too!

Unfortunately, we were late which was entirely our fault so we arrived, filled out some forms, met some of the lovely beauty technicians and then were wisked into our treatments. I wasn’t sure whether we would both be getting a treatment, but being the lovely people that they are they had booked us both in. My boyfriend received a neck, shoulder and back massage that left him completely relaxed and a bit delirious for the rest of the day, and I received the mini “taster” facial.

We were shown into the cosy treatment rooms (they have four) which feature a bed, shower, sink and all the lovely Elemis products that they would be using. There was relaxing music and the rooms were lit with candle light so it was every bit the spa experience that I imagined. We had to fill out some forms regarding any allegories we had and the therapist went through these with us as well. We also talked a bit about the Elemis products before my treatment started and my technician, Francesca really new so much about the products.

This was my first ever spa experience and also my first ever facial which was wonderfully exciting and Francesca explained everything and really put me at ease, she made the whole experience seamless and so positive which I’m grateful for.

After changing and getting into the bed (which was heated! I was so cosy), she came back into the room and started preparing, first by turning the lights off and making sure I was comfortable. We had a bit of a chat, and she then used these warm flannels on my feet, putting pressure on certain points. This is something that I wasn’t expecting, as it’s a facial you think it’s going to be a skincare treat but the whole experience is designed to relax you.

From there, she put my hair up, made sure she removed all my eye make up and the proceeded to put oil on my skin, before removing it with flannels. Each different step featured these warm flannels which are heated and pressed into the skin to


draw out impurities. This was one of my favourite steps as after she would stop, the cold air would hit you and it was so refreshing. Now I’m not too sure about each step that she did (honestly I was just enjoying the experience) but she also gave me a massage around my neck/shoulders, exfoliated my skin and finished by putting some oil on, patting this dry slightly and then lastly, she finished with a day cream.

I was left to get ready slowly, taking my time before collecting my stuff and going back to reception. This time was mainly spent trying to sort out my fringe, it did not like being tied back!

We were offered to spend some time in their relaxation room, which is the perfect place to relax and unwind between treatments. It’s such a cosy, relaxing place much like their treatment rooms. We were also given little goodie bags too, containing some of their Elemis products to take home to continue the pampering. I though that it was also such a nice touch that Elliot got a goodie bag too, he wasn’t expecting it as the massage was enough for him. It even contained some products for men!

Leaving the treatment, I needed to get a look at my skin, and it was literally glowing! Francesca even commented that this had worked wonders for my complexion.

The whole experience was so lovely, we were really pampered and left feeling so at ease and relaxed. I definitely think we’d both be happy to return! The staff are so friendly and really make the experience positive. I’d definitely recommend a visit. If you want to know more than check out their website and make sure to follow their instagram!