A New Launch From Skinny Tan.

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The wonderful people over at Skinny Tan recently got in touch with me asking if I’d like to try their new Self-Tanning Serum which is getting released soon. Obviously, I jumped at the chance as I love tanning. Skinny Tan are the leaders in tanning products which leave you glowing but are also vegan/vegetarian and not full of nasty stuff.

They very kindly gifted me a whole bunch of goodies so I’ve been very lucky to try out a lot from this brand and I definitely haven’t been left disappointed.

I don’t have a lot of details about their new Self-Tanning Serum, but I do know that it is absolutely amazing. I’ve been self-tanning for a while, since I was about 18 (and I’m 23 now) and in that time I have tried a fair few brands, some high end and some not. None of them have even come close to this product.

The Skinny Tan Self Tanning Serum glides on so easily (essentially when used with their self-tanning mitt) and I love that it’s got quite a sparkly guide colour, I understand why people don’t wash off their guide colour now! I’ve mainly used foam tanners in the past, which I find can be tricky sometimes as once they’re on your skin, they don’t tend to move and it makes it harder to blend it into your skin. Using a serum is completely different, one little pump covers a good area and you can blend it into your skin really well.

It also smells amazing, kind of like vanilla, definitely not what most tans smell like. It’s not overpowering or artificial which I’m so glad about as I hate artificial scents, especially when I have to leave it on for 6-8 hours!

I left this tan on to develop for around 4-5 hours, which has left me with a glowing yet still quite deep and even tan. I’m excited to leave it on for the full amount of time! The Serum seems to have a bit of a redder tint to it than most tans that I’ve come across which makes it look incredibly natural. It also hasn’t clung to any harder areas to tan, like my knees.

Using their Self-Tanning Mitt was so lovely, I’ve never used a proper tanning mitt before. I’ve normally just picked up a cheap one from a supermarket which does the job. However, this means that your hands get a bit tanned too as they’re not double sided like this one!

They also included am Exfoliating Mitt in my package and their Moisturising Tanning Drops. I’m so excited to use the mitt ago as not only does it prep your skin for tanning on one side but it can also sort out any mistakes (such as streaks) afterwards on the other side, this will honestly be a lifesaver for me!

I’ve already given their Moisturising Facial Tanning Drops a go. The first time I used them, I had already done my nightly skincare routine which included some oil for hydration so I woke up the next morning with quite a pale face still! Entirely my fault, as if you don’t know, oil breaks down tan! The next night I made sure to skip this step and I woke up with glowing skin. These can be used alone or added to your moisturiser, I like this as you can really personalise it to your tastes/how deep you want your tan. It gives a nice colour and definitely doesn’t come out like regular tan. I followed their advice (of 1-3 drops) and did the full three however if I was just topping up my tan/adding a hint of colour I probably could have just done one. One thing that I will say about these (which you should be used to anyway if you tan regularly) is make sure to really blend, move any hair out the way/off your face and go right to the edges of your skin and down your neck.

I’ve been so impressed by everything that I’ve tried from Skinny Tan, they’ve quite quickly become one of my favourite tanning brands! I’m not a master at tanning, but I can do a pretty good job, would anyone be interested in reading about my tanning routine?

I would definitely recommend trying out this tan once it’s released, you won’t be left disappointed! Has anything caught your eye? Will you be perchasing anything from Skinny Tan in the future?

The Skinny Tan Self-Tanning Serum will be available from the Skinny Tan website on the 15th of March and in Boots (online and in store) from the 18th of March.