A Make Up Mix Up


I was recently on the look out for some new make up as, rather annoyingly, all mine decided to run out at the same time again and instead of just buying the same products that I currently use (and that I know are good) I decided to mix it up and try out some new make up. I normally shop in Superdrug but I found myself in Boots recently and they always seem to have a three for two offer on. L’Oreal Paris isn’t a brand I normally buy but I’ve seen the Lash Paradise Mascara (01 Black) everywhere and decided to give it a go. Because of the offer I also had to get some other items (obviously). I picked up the Super Slim Eyeliner (Intense black) as I’ve heard some good reviews on this. I then picked up one of their lipsticks as I was draw to the packaging. I hate wearing lipstick but I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude for me. I had no idea what colour to select so after trying to decide for about an half an hour I selected one of the Color Riche Shine Lipsticks (642) but I actually think I love this colour. It’s definitely a “your lips but better” look and it adds the nicest amount of shine as well. I am always putting this on now.

I hate taking photos of “used” make up but I was just generally too excited about these not to use them. I also didn’t think I’d dedicate a whole blog post to these items.. but here we are.

I’ve been using these products for a little while now, a good couple of weeks anyway. The mascara and eyeliner I basically wear every day and the lipstick I’ll often put on. I love it but I’m terrible with lip products and never reapply them. I do intend to wear this to my brother’s wedding though and will also probably wear it in September when I’m bridesmaids at my best friends wedding, so that should give a good idea of just how much I like this lipstick.


I don’t actually think I’m crazy about the eyeliner or the mascara. I like the mascara much more now after I’ve been using it for a few weeks, when I first starting using it I felt that it did nothing for my lashes. After using the product for a little while I think I like it more but it still doesn’t blow me away. I think there’s better mascara’s out there for the price. I find I also really have to layer this mascara up to get that kind of fluffy lash look that I like. A small coat just seems to go spidery for me and I don’t really like that look.

The eyeliner is again, something that I don’t think I’d repurchase. I think everyone raves about the brush on this, it has a super fine tip which allows you to get really lovely sharp looking eyeliner and helps massively if you’re attempting winged eyeliner. It’s the formula of the actual product that I don’t like. Unlike the mascara that has gotten better with time, I think the more I use this the more I dislike it. I think it’s like most cheap eyeliners, they start off really black however with use you start running out of product so the black doesn’t look so black anymore. However this eyeliner was not cheap and I definitely haven’t had it that long (only a few weeks) that it should start running out.

At the moment I’m making it work for me, but instead of a sharp black line, it definitely gives me more of a faded winged look. It also tends to drag the product if I try to go over the same area more than once. This isn’t ideal and I definitely think it should have lasted longer. I normally use the NYX Epic Ink Liner and will definitely be going back to that one, it’s only a tiny bit more expensive than this and is definitely worth the money.

What do you think of L’oreal Paris make up? What make up have you been buying/wearing recently?

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