A Light Base for Summer

England is currently undergoing a very unusual (for us) heatwave, I don’t think it’s rained in about 10 days and it’s been above 28 degrees mostly all the time, even at 9pm. I’m one of those people that loves the sunshine and sun but not the heat. When it gets really hot, I get headaches and walk about like a zombie because I can’t sleep at night because of the heat. I just generally spend most of my time waiting for it to cool down again. I think I’m at my peak when I can go out in jeans and a top/jumper.

Because of this, I’ve haven’t been wearing much make up and have basically stopped wearing foundation. My skin seems to be doing alright at the moment, it’s fairly clear and I don’t seem to have gotten as many blemishes as normal which has given me a little confidence boost. This combined with the heat has meant that I’ve been favouring a lighter base for the summer. I’ve mainly been concealing under my eyes and any areas which I think need it, leaving my forehead totally alone (yay fringe). In the summer I always use a beauty blender, I find that they allow me to get a lighter base than with a brush. Blending the concealer out also gives me enough coverage where I need it without being heavy or looking like I’m wearing a lot of make up.

My favourite concealer to wear at the moment is either the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hour Breathable Concealer or The Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection. The Breathable Concealer is fab, it’s dewy but gives a lot of coverage and looks natural on the skin. The colour matches me really well too. I don’t put this under my eyes, but around my nose, chin and any areas that need coverage. The Lasting Perfection concealer I basically just put under my eyes. There’s something so brightening about this concealer so I think it works so nicely in this area. I do sometimes put this on blemishes that I think need the extra coverage. 

If I have been wearing foundation recently (which is honestly not very often) then it’s been the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Breathable Foundation. I like this you can just put a bit on to even out skin tone and build it up if you feel you need more coverage. It’s very natural and not heavy. It also has SPF 20 in it which is so important in the summer. I have been trying to wear my Garnier BB Cream but I think it just oxidises on my skin at the moment. I think I might try applying it with my fingers, see if this makes a difference. 

I’ve mostly just been wearing concealer, bronzer, powder and then my usual eye make up. I haven’t even been wearing highlighter as this weather is making me dewy enough. Saying this, I really want to try out one of the Glossier highlighters as I think they’d be perfect for this weather. I’d love to experiment with a cream highlighter too as I’ve never tried it before, most highlighers I’ve used have been powder. I’d love to experiment applying it like Anne from The Anne Edit does, applying it to fingers first and then just dapping it on. This seems like such a natural way to apply it for a light, dewy finish. 

Do you change your make up seasonally? What’s your must-have make up item for the summer?

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