A Jewellery Gift Guide For Someone Special This Christmas.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

Jewellery, on a gift guide? How original… but really, popping jewellery on our wish lists has moved on from browsing HM Samual or looking at the sparkly things that high streets have to offer.

Where’s a whole world of incredible brands out there which do the perfect pieces for your loved ones.

Being gifted jewellery is more than something which was once deemed “a bit un-original”. There is something so personal and intimate about jewellery. It’s the whole aspect of carefully choosing pieces for your loves ones to wear when they’re happy, sad, emotional, angry.

Jewellery can really become a part of you and it’s so special to be given a piece which has had so much thought and love put into it.

For this gift guide, I wanted to focus on a brand that I was introduced to recently. I was also very kindly given a few pieces from Sacet Jewellery. They are a brand on a mission to create beautiful, affordable and most importantly, ethical jewellery.

They are all aware of the damaging impact of diamond mining on the environment, the people and its communities. That is why they only sell conflict-free diamonds. Using cutting edge technology, their diamonds are grown in a laboratory and are visually and chemically identical to natural mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful as natural diamonds – yet they are completely ethical.

All of their jewellery is consciously crafted via the use of a combination of recycled metals, lab-grown diamonds, semi-precious gemstones, and even their packaging is eco-friendly.

There is something so amazing about their use of recycled metals. The metals that they use are sourced from both industry and used jewellery (which is then melted down to its purest state and repurposed). How incredible is it to give a “used” piece of jewellery new life?

I am lucky enough to own a few gold pieces from Sacet, including their Lujia Ear Climber, Luji Open River Bangle and their Marque Aureole Chain Bracelet. All of which are incredible quality and some of my favourite jewellery to wear at the moment.

All their pieces are available in a variety of metals, however, I am a gold jewellery person. Their gold jewellery is so lovely, warm and inviting and not too “yellow” looking.

There’s so much detail to Sacet, you really can tell a difference to them and other brands. They have such a focus on sustainability without compromising the quality of the pieces. Sacet Jewellery feels SO luxe and special to own and all their packaging is completely recyclable whilst still being safe for your jewellery storage.

Not only do they do more affordable items but they also have a massive range of Engagement rings, Diamond Rings, Wedding Bands (for men and women)… the list goes on. They have customisable pieces too and a wide range of metals including the classic Gold and Silver but also the more trendy Rose Gold too.

They have various stores which you can pop into including locations in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. However, they also have a home trial service too where you can try up to three styles at home if you really are spoilt for choice.

Have you heard of Sacet Jewellery before? What do you think of their pieces?