A Few Skincare Favourites.

This Post Contains Gifted Items*

You may have seen me mention the wonderful brand which is Freshly Cosmetics already on this blog back in the summer. They are truly one of my favourite skincare brands so when they got in touch again and wanted to send me out a few bits, I, of course, accepted.

When I first noticed their Golden Radiance Body Oil, I knew straight away that I had to try it. I love body oils, I find them perfect for the summer months but I also think they’re easier to apply than moisturisers and also quicker. They leave you smelling wonderful and this one has the most delicious smell. I am terrible at describing scents but it’s almost fruity? Brb whilst I slather myself in it.

Freshly Cosmetics have created a body oil that is 100% natural and concentrates vegetable oils and natural technologies in perfect balance to help nourish and hydrate your skin. It also sculpts, reduces cellulite and improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It’s composed of high-quality ingredients such as virgin marula, organic babassu, organic jojoba and rosehip.

If you head to their website you can discover all the twelve oils included in the golden Radiance Body oil and how they are beneficial for you (which is a really interesting read!). It also gives you suggestions on how to apply it. Something that I really like about this oil is that you can apply this to both your body AND face. I love face oils as I find my skin can get quite dry in the winter. Being able to apply this to my face and body makes this a lazy girls dream!

The only downside to this oil is that I can find that it’s a bit tacky feeling and doesn’t glide across my skin as well as I thought it would. I think this is because it’s quite a thick oil. The plus side to this is that it dries so so quickly so there’s no hanging around waiting for it to dry before you can get dressed. 

The lip balms are also something which I’ve seen them promote a lot on their Instagram and again, they look fab. I carry lip balm around with me 99% of the time so I was thrilled to get sent these! I received both the Deep Nourish Lip Balm and the Pink Protection Lip Balm.

Deep Nourish is a paraffin and silicone-free lip balm which contains 3 plant-based butters and 5 plant-based oils. These active ingredients are blended together to nourish, repair and protect dry, chapped lips. I find myself gravitating towards this Lip Balm slightly more than the Pink Protection (although both are fab). I find this one so moisturising and the passion fruit scent is amazing. This Lip Balm is really good to apply at night, so this is something that I want to try and do more so I’m going to keep it on my bedside table. 

Their Pink Protection Lip Balm contains a broad-spectrum sun protection of SPF 7 and natural pigments that give your lips a very subtle pink tint. I love the fact that it offers SPF, however, I’m not a fan of the pink colour, it’s a bit too powder pink for me. I might try and apply these both at the same time so I get less of the pink colour on my lips but enough so they’re protected.

They also have another lip balm called “Natural Volume” which is meant to improve lip volume, colour, plumpness, softness and contours. This sounds absolutely amazing and everything I look for in a lip balm (and more!) so I definitely want to try this next.

I love how small these lip balms are as I find anything too big or chunky I forget to carry around with me. These are perfect for slipping in my bag and look at that packaging!

Overall I’m thrilled with everything I received from Freshly Cosmetics and it just makes me want to try even more of their range!

Have you tried anything from Freshly cosmetics before?