A Few Last Minute Halloween Activities You *Could* Be Doing

I got a random burst of inspiration to write this post after posting my latest Instagram, it seems a lot of people don’t really make plans for this day or aren’t that bothered by Halloween at all. And I get that as after all, it’s a very American holiday but I love making any occasion special so I’ve listed a few activities below that are fun and easy to do and give a slight nod to today.

Baking –

Who doesn’t like making a mess in the kitchen? I made these sweet biscuits (above) and had so much fun icing them. It doesn’t even have to be baking, it could just be making a slightly more seasonal dinner, something like toad in the hole? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it is freezing outside and there’s nothing like getting cosy and eating all the carbs.

Watching a Scary Film/Tv Series –

This one is kind of obvious but it’s a classic. I’m very into the idea of watching A Nightmare before Christmas on Halloween as it combines both Halloween and Christmas (which I will be fully celebrating starting tomorrow, Christmas jumper included). My Bf and I have also been really enjoying Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House“. It is scary, but not outrageously so and I need to find out what happened.

Music –

I’ve had a Halloween playlist on all afternoon, thanks to good old Spotify and really, you need to embrace Halloween as when else can you listen to classics such as the monster mash

A Seasonal Walk –

When I was little, my brother, sister and I would always watch the trick or treaters from a window in our house as we loved seeing the street all lit up and everyone’s costumes! I think going for a walk in the evening just as it’s getting dark and while everyone’s putting their pumpkins out would be a lovely idea if you like the seasonal aspect but want to avoid the trick or treaters.

I’m also a massive fan of just turning all the lights out, lighting a million candles and hiding from all the trick and treaters whilst eating chocolate.

However you’re spending Halloween, make sure you stay safe and have a good night!

What are your plans for tonight?