A Big ol’ Bundle of Skincare Goodies from Dermalogica.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

It’s no secret that I am a total Dermalogica fangirl. They have such good skincare products that my skin loves and always responds well to – I love using their products within a simple routine. Instead of focusing on oils and serums, I like to use their products to set up a good simple routine and introduce other products afterwards, so if need be I can always strip it back to the bare essentials again. If you have problematic skin, this is a really good way of knowing if a product causes blemishes.

Dermalogica recently sent me over a little bundle of goodies which I wasn’t expecting but came at such a good time as my skin has NOT been the happiest recently…

Included in the parcel was; brand new bottles of both their Precleanse and their Special Cleansing Gel (both of these I’ve used before and love) and also, a product I didn’t even know they did, a Facial Cleansing Brush.

Dermalogica is one of those brands that really stress the importance of not only using good quality products but also taking care of your skin. They’re very big on double cleansing which is actually Something I already do as I find it makes a massive difference, especially if you wear a lot of make up. Double cleansing is just the simple act of cleansing your skin twice. Once might seem like enough but really, it just removed surface dirt. Going in for a second cleanse (often with a slightly different cleanser, to really feel the benefit) makes sure that your skin is properly cleansed, clean and I’ve found that it reduces blemishes.

Also, included in my parcel was their Ultimate Cleansing Brush. This is a facial cleansing brush that uses super fine silicone bristles and sonic vibration technology to deeply cleanse the skin and remove makeup, impurities, oil and dirt from the pores. I love a good facial brush. If your skin never feels completely clean after cleansing, then I always recommend something like this as it can really help make sure you properly cleanse your skin.

I use this facial brush a good few times a week, I often reserve it for those extra special pamper days but it would also be good for every day use. I find that I always forget to use tools like this as I’ll cleanse my face in the shower and forget to bring it in with me… If you’re someone who loves their skincare though, this is definitely for you!

I am always so impressed with Dermalogica products and I do really love their cleansers. I love that I can use either or both of these and know that my skin is well looked after and prepped for make up or skincare after.

Have you used any Dermalogica products before? What do you think of double cleansing?