7 Things To Watch On Netflix This Weekend.

There is nothing I like better than a good Netflix binge and I think this Sunday will be dedicated to getting through as many episodes as I can. If you’re anything like me and like a good recommendation for something to watch then you might like some of my picks.

I’ve chosen to only feature Netflix series in this list as it’s actually the only streaming service we have right now. We’ve dabbled with NowTV and Amazon Prime (and we like both) but Netflix seems to be the one we stick with the most. Whereas the others we tend to get more seasonally, like when new series are released. It’s what we always used to do when there was a new series of Game Of Thrones or WestWorld.

Also, you might look at this list and think this is nothing groundbreaking, but I get recommendations from people on Instagram, friends and also from Twitter. So really, the stuff that gets the same recommendations over and over again must be good, right?!

The Stranger

This is what Elliot and I are currently watching, we’re only one or two episodes in and it’s a bit weird to start, what with the bite marks on a certain animal (no spoilers… but you know what I mean if you’ve seen it!). It’s got quite a unique mystery to it but it kind of gives off Boardchurch vibes. If you like a good thriller which you will get through quickly, then this is the series for you.


There are two series of You to watch on Netflix (and there’s due to be a third). Both are very different in storyline but they all follow a guy called Joe who is quite unlucky in love… to put it lightly! I actually liked the first series better than the second as the twist at the end was really surprising but they’re so good to binge watch and there’s going to be a third season, so this is the perfect time to catch up.

Sex Education

This is another show which has two seasons, the second season came out recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had watched both of them already, but honestly, I think I’m due a rewatch already as I just love the series so much. It’s lighthearted but serious at the same time and covers some pretty heavy subjects in a really inclusive, devious way.

Black Mirror

I think Black Mirror could be a really good watch at the moment. I’ve not seen the Black Mirror film that came out or a lot of the episodes but the episodes I have seen I’ve loved. They are one hour, one-off episodes that cover pretty heavy topics again. It’s very dystopic. There are some pretty good episodes and I have my faves. I think this is quite a good show to just dip in and out of. If you’re looking for something gripping to watch but you don’t want to watch a film, then check out Black Mirror and let me know your favourite episodes.


I’m going to put a disclaimer at the start of this recommendation as it’s pretty heavy watching and it’s also based on a true story. It follows a series of rapes in Washington State and Colorado. I was so unsure about watching this to start with. It is a very powerful series and really highlights the struggles that rape victims go through, it’s definitely something that you continue to think about even after finishing all the episodes.

The Haunting of Hill House

This is another series which I think is due a rewatch as, although I was nervous to watch this series when it first came out (I am a wimp when it comes to scary stuff!), I found this such a good series. It’s so well written and thought out and if you’ve watched you (see above!) then you’ll recognize one of the actresses. I love trying to spot the secret ghosts they hide around the frames too. There is another series of this coming soon which I cannot wait for. If you’ve not seen this already then I really recommend it.

Queer Eye

I’ve thrown this one in, as this is such a feel-good series and I think it’s exactly what we need at the moment. All the Queer Eye series are SO good and I also really love the fact they did a Japan series. I also love how it’s slightly different than your “normal” makeover show that are generally aimed towards women. This show is all about embracing yourself, self-confidence and being true to who you are, definitely something I think we all need to watch.

Any Netflix recommendations?