5 Tips To Help You Plan Your Next City Break

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I’m going away soon on a little city break to Amsterdam! This have been booked for a while (two or three months) so the fact that it’s now this month means I have very excited. I cannot wait to explore a new city with my favourite people and I may even Vlog it.. if I’m brave enough! Anyway because I’m normally an over-packer I thought I’d be really strict with myself this time and stick to some tips that will hopefully help, it’s also mainly because I want to leave some room for all the presents I’m going to buy myself…

Samples. As I’ve said, I’ve known about this trip for what feels like ages so as soon as I could I started collecting and saving all the samples that I get. This is something that I think I got from katelavie but it is such a good idea as they won’t take up half as much room as bulky travel sets and means you also get to try out something new. I’ve been saving everything I can, little shampoo samples from magazines, moisturiser testers and even samples of perfumes. It means you still get to have all those little extra products that you love to use with you without having to think about limitations and also the weight that these products have. Obviously this works for hold luggage too but I find it works particularly well for hand luggage.

Leave Everything Else At Home. Don’t pack the hairdryer, or the extra two pairs of jeans or six t-shirts when you’re only going for two days and you don’t even wear t-shirts that much. If you have a straightener, pack that indeed of a hair curler AND Straightener – it gives you the option of curly or straight within one tool. Plan your outfits in advance, this stops you from being tempted to pack that dress that you got two years ago on sale but have never worn.. this trip won’t be the time that you decide to wear it. Check the weather forecast before you go and take layers instead of bulky items.

Comfy shoes are a big city break essential so take something that works for you (like converse) and maybe another smaller, lighter pair of shoes just to give you options but don’t be tempted to pack three or four different pairs, they’re heavier than you think.

Pack As You Go. Now obviously this does just not work for some things, but if you’re someone (like me) that has a certain make up look then it’s actually quite handy to lay out everything that you want to take with you when you’re doing your make up on a certain day in advance. This means you’re able to see all the essentials that you reach for/need and will stop you from packing various different eyeshadow palettes when you don’t even wear eyeshadow daily anyway.

Check Baggage. Another tip is to make sure that you check anything that needs to be checked. I’m not really a planner but I like to be prepared and checking the baggage restrictions is something which you should do well in advance, this includes things like weight, size and whether you’re allowed another smaller bag – such as a handbag or racksack or not. This allows you to avoid any fees by having to check your bag into the hold.

If you’re travelling with other people, check that everyone knows when the flight is and that everyone knows what the plan is. You don’t want to miss your flight because someone was late because they weren’t aware when the flight was. Check traffic on the way to the airport and leave plenty of time.

Plan Plan Plan. I would also recommend planning your trip/having a general idea of what you want to do/where you want to go. This sounds stupid but you don’t want to wandering around aimlessly trying to find somewhere for dinner when you’re starving. With Amsterdam, we know the certain things we want to do but have left some free time for exploring however if we needed to go for breakfast/dinner one night, I would like to already know some general places that we could go instead of having to research there and then. I have found Instagram to be a really handy tool for planning as you can see cool places that people have been and find out information about. You can even save these. I did this when we went away to Cornwall and it really worked so I’ll definitely be doing this again.

Let me know what you think of these tips and if you have any tips for me! I have found that Anna has some great tips on packing, especially for a city break so definitely check her posts out. Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to get a bit jealous about my trip, I’ll probably be posting photos for a good few weeks!