4 Things To Get You Excited About Spring.

I think we all need to look forward and appreciate the little things now more than ever and I think spring is a season that gets overlooked a bit as everyone looks forward to summer but there’s just something so lovely about seeing the sun shining after the harshness of winter.

Spring has officially arrived and has been here since the 20th of March… it’s only now though that I’m really seeing springtime in the air. I live in the UK and we were fortunate enough to have some really lovely weather over the last few days. The sun shining has put everyone in such a good mood and this has mainly been because of the clocks changing recently. There’s so much blossom everywhere at the moment which is so lovely to spot. It’s the perfect weather to venture out for a walk with a light jacket and hot drink too.

I wanted to put together a little guide on ways to invite spring into your home (and life!) for the next few weeks.

– Seasonal Dressing –

I think now is one of the only times that you can wear literally whatever you want. Now this only goes it you’re working from home and can crank up the central heating (if you’re venturing out you’re restricted by how warm it is because the sun doesn’t always = warmth!) but if you are working from home, why not pop on a dress instead of the usual jeans and jumper? Perhaps a vest and cardigan instead of the thickest jumper you own? You can always change if you get cold but why not throw on something different whilst you have a chance. Personally, I love that moment when you realise you can head out without a coat on, that’s truly how you know spring is here.

– Flowers, and more flowers –

I’m definitely a fan of having many bouquets of flowers around the home at all times of the year. But if you’re more inclined to buy flowers around the summer months, why not start now? There are plenty of gorgeous blooms in season now which often get overlooked for the “trendier flowers”. Some of my favourite flowers for this season are;

  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinth
  • Tulips
  • Snap Dragon

There are obviously tons of flowers in season at the moment but there’s something so lovely about having fresh flowers around the home. If you do nothing else this month, I’d highly suggest treating yourself to some flowers!

– Sunshine on my mind –

Now that it’s sunnier, I’d highly recommend stepping outside for some sun when you can. If you have a garden or balcony then that’s great but even on your daily walk, try to go when it’s sunny (i.e not at night).

In winter, your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D just due to it not being sunny enough and when it is sunny, it’s normally not strong enough to allow your body to produce enough Vitamin D. You can take vitamin D supplements (and I recommend you do during winter) but the main way our bodies get vitamin D is the sun on our skin. There are many benefits to vitamin D, the main benefit is that it regulates the amount of calcium in your body but it also helps your skin, bones, immune system and increases your energy levels too.

Anywhere from 10-30 minutes daily in the sun each week can have lasting health benefits.

– Longer Days –

The thing that’s most noticeable about spring is that the days get longer as the sunset changes from setting before 5pm to anytime after 7pm and onwards through the summer months. This means that the days will get longer and you’ll find yourself thinking “oh its so and so time and it’s not dark yet!”. It’ll also be lighter in the mornings too.

Obviously, winter feels so cosy because of the darker nights but there’s something so happy and welcoming about springtime. I like to use this time productivity by getting up earlier and making the most of the added daylight. It also means that if you work “traditional” hours (such as 9-5) you get more time after work to enjoy the sunny, brighter evenings. My partner says this is always such a boost to his mood as it means he’s not just working all day and gets to enjoy the sun too.

Some other things to enjoy in Spring; sunny evenings, bike rides, warmer weather, exercise in the sun, the light breeze feeling welcoming and not cold, lighter mornings, iced coffee season being here, peony season!

Some things to do in March; a big spring clean and declutter, take a walk with a coffee (or tea!) in the sun, eat outside in the warm weather, clean your car, buy some flowers and watch them bloom, water all your plants and give them a feed, bake some seasonal treats like a lemon drizzle cake or banana bread.

I hope you liked this post! It’s a tiny bit different for me but was so fun to write. Let me know what you think!