3 New Hydrating Skincare Products from Typology.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

I love Typology products, every new release just gets better and better. You might have seen this post from a few weeks ago where I reviewed their new face and body scrubs (spoiler alert: they’re amazing!) but I recently received a few more products to try from them, including a hydrating body moisturiser and their new facial masks!

In my parcel, I received their Ten-Ingredient Body Cream and then two new facial masks: the Purifying Mask With Charcoal and Organic Nettle and also the Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruits Acids.

Out of all these products, I started using the Ten-Ingredient Body Cream first. This is a hydrating cream that’s suitable for all body types including sensitive skin (as it’s fragrance-free). It’s a lightweight formula that isn’t greasy. It’s also, most importantly, suitable for Vegans and only contains 10 products, including:

  • Organic Coconut Oil (nourishes and prevents skin dehydration. Also provides a subtle coconut smell)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (captures moisture from the air and provides hydration to your skin)
  • Purified water (works as a solvent for blending ingredients together. Purified to eliminate all traces of bacteria)
  • Caprylic/Capric (helps the cream leave a soft touch on the skin)
  • Behenyl alcohol (gives texture to the cream)
  • Glyceryl stearate (allow the formula to remain stable over time)
  • Pentylene Glycol (provides surface layer hydration to the skin)
  • Citric acid (stabilizes the pH of the formula to avoid irritating the skin.)
  • Polyglyceryl-3 methyl glucose distearate (blends the oily and aqueous phases of the formula together)
  • O-Cymen-5-ol (prevents the development of bacteria)

I’ve also included a few of the uses for the ingredients listed above. I think it’s really interesting to look further into skincare products and their ingredients. I always feel like I can learn a lot and trust Typology as they’re completely transparent with their products/ingredients.

I’ve been using this Body Cream for about a week now and I think it’s a lovely hydrating product. It does take a little bit longer to sink in then some of my other moisturisers but I believe that’s because it’s really nourishing. My skin never feels dry after using this product. I’d also like to say that although it’s stated as having a ‘subtle’ smell… I cannot smell it at all!

The next two products I haven’t properly tried yet (as I like to use the products for a while before giving my opinion) however, I have used the Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Nettle and on first impressions, it is a really lovely mask.

This mask targets blemishes like blackheads or pimples that can be caused by an overproduction of sebum clogging your pores. This mask includes sebum-regulating Stinging Nettle (which also tighten pores and diminish the appearance of blemishes), it also dries out imperfections and deeply cleanses your skin. This mask also contains Pine Charcoal (which is sanitising and detoxifying) and Green Clay (this ingredient is ideal for oily or blemish-prone skin. It heals and also offers skin-softening properties).

The instructions state to apply a semi-thick layer of the product onto clean, dry skin once or twice a week and to leave for around 15 minutes before rinsing. I used this at the start of the week for the first time and I swear it made a visible difference to my skin straight away. I left it on for the stated time, it dried but didn’t dry out my skin, leaving it feeling tight like some masks can. I rinsed it off and my skin just looked a lot more glowy since applying it, I think it helped reduce redness and even out my skin tone too. I’d like to try this mask more before giving my full opinion but my first impressions are very good!

The last product that I haven’t had the benefit of trying yet is their Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids. This mask contains red-fruit-derived Acids and PHA to provide a gentle chemical exfoliation as well as Antioxidant-Rich Cranberry Powder which provides a double-action mechanical exfoliation as well.

The ingredients of this mask include Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Raspberry Acids (which are natural exfoliators, rich in Enzymes and Vitamin C), PHA (a gentle chemical exfoliant that also promotes hydration) and also Cranberry Powder (which is exfoliating whilst nourishing for the skin).

This mask really does sound like something I’d enjoy so I’m looking forward to using it properly before reviewing. With additional skincare treatments, it’s important to not overuse them as this can cause various skincare problems (especially when it comes to using AHAs/Acids). I like that these masks are good for your skin whilst also being on the gentler side too. I think these really cater for people who have sensitive skin.

What do you think of these new releases? Have you used anything from Typology Paris before?