My June Goals.

May was a funny old month. I never want to dwell on things, especially not on my blog. I never normally share negative things. This is my little space and I like it to be positive but I’m quite glad we’ve seen the back of May.

I think the main word I’d use to describe May is disappointed… I’m disappointed in people not continuing to social distance, I’m disappointed for my Sister and her fiancee not being able to get married… and mostly, I’m disappointed in the racism that’s still happening all over the world, putting peoples lives in danger.

As an able-bodied white woman, I’m aware I’m in a very privileged position. The main thing I’m going to do this month is to keep educating myself about the events happening all over the world and retweeting important accounts and important on twitter. No one should have to fear for their life because of the colour of their skin.

Before I jump into some of my personal goals for the month ahead, I wanted to share two bits of information that you might find helpful. This thread on twitter and this petition.

01. Get back into blogging! I seem to have lost my blogging motivation at the moment as I only shared four posts throughout the whole of May. I love my blog and I’ve missed sharing posts so I’m determined to get my blogging motivation back and start to share posts again! I actually shared a recipe post in May which was really fun to create (even if the photos weren’t perfect!) and I enjoyed it so hopefully, this is something I can do more of it.

02. I want to dedicate some time this month to finally sort out our room a bit more. Elliot and I had big plans this year but with lockdown getting involved (and social distancing in general) a lot of things have been canceled. We’re still staying home, staying safe, and appreciating the “slow life” and realising that we’ll be here for a little while longer too. I’m hoping to finally spruce up our room a little with some newly painted walls and an added shelf which will be a godsend for storage.

03. Elliot and I went for an hour-long bike ride the other day around our local area which was SO lovely. We always feel it’s such an effort to get the bikes out but we’ve actually been loving doing it so it’s definitely something we want to do more of! We’ve also been walking the dogs more (via my business) which has really made us appreciate getting out, the good weather is here so we’ve definitely been making the most of it and I’m enjoying this newly active period for us.

There we go! Some personal blogging plans, a change-up of our living space, and continuing to be active are all on the cards for me this month!

What are your June plans?