My Goals For May.

I recently actually stopped doing “goal” type posts a little while ago because I felt like for me they were getting very repetitive. However, during this time I thought sharing a few things that I’m going to be trying to do each month wouldn’t be a bad thing. You can see last month’s goals here.

It’s actually horrible weather outside at the moment whilst I’m trying to write this so it’s very cosy inside. I think we had the best weather we’ve ever had here during April so of course, May had to start a little more gloomy.

I think this month will be a little hard for me in terms of my plans. I actually had a lot that I was doing before lockdown that has now had to be put on hold. Of course, I don’t think we should end lockdown any time soon until it’s safe to do so for me, my goals this month are still small things to keep me going and to improve myself.

01. I’d love to get myself into a better routine. I think I’ve slipped a bit with this. Don’t get me wrong some days are really productive but then I also have “bad” days too. I think because I don’t have a 9-5 I’m always going to feel like this but there are certain things that I can do to put me into the right mindset, even if I don’t do them at exactly the same time each day.

I’d definitely like to actually wake up early, instead of waking early and dozing for a while. I’d also like to incorporate more exercise into my daily life. Elliot and I started going to the gym at the start of the year and I actually loved it. It made me feel better mentally and helped my sleep too. With lockdown, our gym closed so I haven’t been in a while. We’re very fortunate to have a garden where we live with my parents so I definitely think I need to take advantage of this.

02. Something else I’d like to do this month is go through some of my stuff, such as my clothes and replace anything that’s seen better days. This could be anything, even my hot water bottle cover could do with an update and I’ve needed new Pyjamas for ages!

Obviously I’d rather keep things for a long time but some stuff I own definitely needs to be recycled now. I actually only have one pair of mismatched PJs now as my John Lewis pair that my parents bought me ripped! I don’t really want to do a shop for anything I/we don’t need (although some things might fall into my basket!).

03. I’ve been reading a lot of Kate’s posts recently and the way she talks about coming out of this time, changed but for the better and focusing more on the little day to day moments and a relaxed routine has really got me inspired. I’ve been trying to make the most of this time too and not be too hard on myself (or others!). There’s nothing we could do to change anything that’s happened but we can control our feelings about this weird situation we’ve found ourselves in.

As a whole, even before lockdown, I’ve been trying to have a more positive outlook on life. I was by no means negative before, just more wary of things. However, changing your thinking is one small way of changing your outlook on life, being more positive is bound to have good benefits. I’ve been watching The Secret recently (Netflix) and I’ve also picked The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** out of my book stash to read too.

Are you a very positive or negative person? If you have any suggested of what to read or watch in relation to this, let me know!

So that’s what I have planned for May. It’s definitely going to be a weird month, who knows if we’ll be out of lockdown by June. We’ve just got to remember to stay home & safe though.

What are your plans for May?