First Impressions: Typology.

AD – This post contains gifted products with no obligation to post.

The wonderful team over at Typology got in touch with me recently, offering to send me some of their products. Now typology isn’t a brand I’ve come across before but I love their natural, stripped back approach to skincare. I obviously look into every brand that gets in touch with me before accepting any products and I swear as soon the website loaded, I fell in love with the brand!

They sent me absolutely loads of their skincare products, including a lovely little pouch and also some perfume samples so I thought I’d introduce you guys to the brand today in case you hadn’t discovered them yet either and also share my first impressions. I’ll also, of course, do another post in the future once I’ve properly tried all their skincare and can share my experience and opinions.

I wanted to create a radical new skincare brand. For too long, the world of skincare had been defined by exaggerated promises and suspect chemicals. After gathering a team of health and skincare experts, we set out together to challenge the industry. We chose to go back to basics.

At Typology, good skincare is defined by the quality of the ingredients.

Ning Li, Typology Founder

… this is something that I can really get behind. Not only do they believe in stripped-back, low maintenance and natural, active ingredients but they also care about their impact on the world. Every aspect of the packaging has had thought put into it, from using glass for smaller packaging and recyclable plastic for larger bottles (so they’re not too heavy). They also use aluminium tubes as it’s light, durable and the only material that can be repeatedly recycled without losing it’s quality (and it’s airtight too).

They also keep all their containers flat which means smaller packages that fit inside your mailbox and leave a lower carbon footprint.

As soon as I received the parcel, all these little decisions stood out to me and I loved how natural all the containers were and how light and pretty everything was too. The use of cardboard packaging and the aluminium has made everything feel very luxe.

The first thing they sent me which immediately jumped out at me is their Solid Hydrating Cleansing Bar. This smells INSANE. It’s a cold-pressed soap with 8% of fatty acids and has been made from natural vegetable oils in France. It smells of citrus and happiness and I can’t wait to use this.

I then have a Cleansing Oil with 7 ingredients, this is for removing your make up and is a fragrance-free formula suitable for sensitive skin. They also sent over their Organic Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil which nourishes and protects your skin and is especially effective if you have extremely dry skin. Apparently, sweet almond oil is very effective on mature skin too, and can also be applied to promote the healing of scars and stretch marks.

Finally, I have their Organic Orange Blossom Hydrolate (obtained through the steam distillation of aromatic plants, also known as floral waters) which is meant to revive your complexion’s radiance and re-generate the skin. You can actually apply this undiluted. Using a cotton pad, apply the Hydrolate evenly on the entire face, mornings, and evenings onto clean skin before the rest of your routine. Also, interestingly, in aromatherapy, Orange Blossom Hydrolate is known to calm nerves, promote self-confidence, and create comfort.

So moving onto the concentrated serums they sent me. All their serums are highly-concentrated in active ingredients that enable you to treat your skin concerns effectively.

I have their Retinol 0,3% (concentrated in lifting and tightening active ingredients to combat the appearance of wrinkles and plump the skin.), Glycolic Acid 10% (concentrated in exfoliating and astringent active ingredients that work to treat blackheads, blemishes, and an uneven complexion), Squalane 100% (concentrated in a potent active ingredient that nourishes dry skin, reduces feelings of tightness, and reduces fine lines of dehydration), Hyaluronic acid 3% + B5 2% (concentrated in active ingredients to rehydrate the skin) and finally, Salicylic Acid 2% + Zinc 1% which is concentrated in anti-bacterial active ingredients that treat pimples and localized imperfections.

As well as all the above they also sent me their Lip Balm with 9 ingredients which I have already tried. it’s a very thick consistency and almost leaves my lips feeling a little tingly, but always so lovely and hydrated. This is definitely a bedside essential of mine already!

I also received some products from their perfume layering range. I have tried perfume layering before but nothing quite like this. One of the scent samples I received contains the scents “Pamplemousse Petitgrain – Jasmin Néroli – Cèdre Vétiver” and allows you to create a uniquely sweet, floral fragrance with grapefruit, jasmine, and cedar notes by layering three of their natural Eaux de Parfum. This is one of the first times that I’ve tried jasmine as a perfume and I am now obsessed.

The second Perfume Layering Sample I received is their “Sauge Romarin – Cyprès Genévrier – Yuzu Mandarine”. This sample allows you to “Create a sweet fragrance by combining the aromatic notes of rosemary and juniper with the indulgent notes of mandarin. By applying this trio, the powerful citrus notes will reveal themselves immediately before giving way to softer aromatic notes.” This trio is very sweet but also has a lot of depth to it and almost smells quite woody to me.

I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with layering these perfume samples. All the scents smell so gorgeous and “grown-up”. I normally sway more to super sweet scents anyway so it’s been really nice to try something along those lines but with a more grown-up feel. I think these perfume layering sets would also make such lovely gifts too.

I am absolutely blown away by everything that Typology has sent me so far. As I’ve mentioned above, so much thought has been put into the whole brand, their products, and ingredients and I can’t wait to properly start using these products on my skin.

Have you tried anything from Typology before?