My Month In Photos: March.

I see a lot of these types of posts floating around the Blogosphere and I love seeing a behind the scenes of that blogger’s life… so I thought I’d create my own little edit! If you follow me on Instagram (that’s where the good stuff happens) then you might have seen a lot of these photos already as I normally share a lot on Instagram Stories.

I got a matching tattoo with my sister in March (it’s all healed now), took a lot of baths, started cooking more and looking after my skin better. I started experimenting with my Instagram Photography again and posting daily on here again. I also moved back to my parents (from living with my sister for a bit) and set up my own business (even if that’s been put on hold for now).

March was a funny old month wasn’t it? It was full of so many highs for me yet the end of the month saw everything change for everyone for the foreseeable future which was quite overwhelming. I don’t want to gloss over that but I think we should all still try to see the good things that came from march too. Yes, we’re in lockdown and you might be so worried about it but try and focus on the positives and just think, this time is giving you a little bit of breathing space back. Plan activities for you and your kids, get creative and build dens. Use this time to do a home workout or cook a new recipe. Reach out over to your loved ones over the phone or create a family group chat to post silly photos to, we have one and it’s great for sharing photos to, we also did charades on there the other night!

Do you like seeing these types of posts? What was a good thing that happened to you in march?