How To Drink More Water.

AD – This post contains gifted products in exchange for a review.

You might have heard of the wonderful brand called Waterdrop before, or you might be like me who was a total newbie to them. Since discovering the brand thought I have been absolutely obsessed with them and their products.

Waterdrop is a Microdrink where you drop a little capsule into a glass, or in my case, a bottle of water. The capsules not only flavour the water (encouraging you to drink more) but they also contain a load of minerals and vitamins to help you feel your best.

For full disclosure, Waterdrop reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products in exchange for a review. After researching a little about the brand, I couldn’t say no as not only are their products gorgeous, but they have your wellbeing at the front of their mind.

Their beautiful glass water bottles help with drinking more water and honestly, my bottle is now my favourite accessory to take around with me. All their bottles come with a leak-proof bamboo lid (which is sometimes quite difficult to open in my opinion but then perhaps I’m just weak!) and also a thermal sleeve which keeps your drink lovely and cold and also provides another level of protection for the glass bottle (although I am not worried in the slightest about my bottle breaking). You can also pop hot water into the bottles or fizzy water (just be aware of the pressure that comes with fizzy water), making them completely versatile.

Waterdrop aims to get you drinking as much water as possible. Everyone knows how important it is to drink water, yet it’s something we all let slip by. If I’m having a really busy day, out and about, I will sometimes not drink anything all day. Which is terrible to admit but that’s my reality and something that a lot of us probably do too.

Waterdrop not only wanted to make drinking water easier and more enjoyable, but they wanted to make it even healthier too, packing vitamins such as Biotin, Açaí, and Vitamin C into the small cubes (which contain 0% sugar).

If you’re tired of trying to stay healthy but only ever offered drinks which are packed full of sugar when Waterdrop is one of the best options out there. Not only are their cubes small and easy to carry with you, they only need water to activate and then you have a tasty and refreshing drink… which is good for you.

There’s a flavour for everyone out there. I’ve tried four of their flavours so far (Boost, Defence, Zen and Relax) and I think my favourite is Defence as I like the favour the most. I try to have at least one a day so I know that I’m getting some essential vitamins which I might otherwise have missed out on.

If you’re worried you won’t like any of the favours or you’ll find drinking them unenjoyable then you just need to try them. I think if you’re someone who drinks a lot of flavoured/fizzy drinks, then it will be a bit of a change. I think the first time I tried them I found that they taste like a very weak juice, but now I find the taste of them really enjoyable and I look forward to adding one to my water. I think it’s potentially an adjustment if you’ve never tried anything like this before, but after a couple of times adding these to your drinks, you’ll love them.

Included in my little package was one of their Carry Cases and I actually have it in my bag so if I’m ever out and I’m trying to stay a little healthier, I don’t just have to have water. These cases are also made from Bamboo without a little magnetic attachment and they also come in a pouch so you never have to worry about it opening in your bag.

If you go on their Instagram, they have one of the best feeds I think I’ve ever seen from a brand, everything is done by colour and their images are so lovely. The whole aesthetic of it is amazing and I find it really inspiring.

I actually got to pick out the design of water bottle that I wanted which was so hard as they have some gorgeous designs and new collections being added every time. They have a new pastel collection which has just been released (and looks so dreamy) and if glass bottles aren’t your thing, you can also choose steel.

I love the fact that they are a company that is really for you/the environment with all their decisions. Not only is their Microdrink helping you but they’re also really environmentally conscious which is what we like to see.

I think I’ve taken my water bottle and carry case with me every time I’ve left the house so far, I’ve been encouraging my whole family to try the flavours too and I’ve definitely got my favourites. I’m so glad that Waterdrop reached out to me as I have loved finding out about the brand and experiencing them for the first time.

Have you heard of Waterdrop before? Have you tried anything from them?