My Goals For The New Year.

Hello 2020…

After the troubles I’ve had in the last decade, I think I’m ready for the next one…

I still can’t quite believe we’re in a new decade and it’s 2020… When I was younger this year seemed such a long way away. I’ve just turned 24 and I think I’m ready for what this new decade brings. This is the decade that I’ll potentially get married, create a home, get a pet of my own… have kids?! Only time will tell but I’m excited to see where life takes me.

I was so unsure whether I wanted to create goals for the new year or not. I am in such a better position in life now than I was even six months ago and it feels good to move on and make good decisions for myself and my life. However, I can understand why so many people don’t want to set goals dor this year… I like to think of these goal type posts as “to-do lists” though and there’s nothing I like more than a to-do list!

01. I think now we’re in 2020 and I’m at a time in my life that I feel good, I want to really make sure that I’m making good decisions for myself this year. I think I definitely want to live a bit more carefree and not worry about what people think. I’m one of those people who used to never leave the house without make up and had to get myself all dressed up every time I wanted to take photos… I think I’m slowly learning to be a bit more comfortable in myself and I think it shows.

02. I’d definitely like to push myself with my Instagram and my content more. I see so many people making exciting announcements, releasing podcasts and expanding their content and that’s definitely something I want to do… I want to experiment more this year and find my niche.

03. I have been uming and ahing about what direction my work and career are going in at the moment and whilst I don’t want to enter mainstream employment again at the moment, I would like to start earning again and investing in my future. I think I really need to think about potentially starting my own business/figure out what I want to do.

04. A big goal of mine this year is to get debt-free. It’s quite a taboo subject to talk about and I definitely don’t have big debt problems, but I’ve not been in employment for a while and you can use your imagination as to what happens. Elliot and I have been really good lately however we still have a little way to go. I think in six months’ time I’d like to reassess where we are with our debt (and hopefully not have any!) and also try to make moves to save money as well.

05. Towards the end of 2019, I joined a gym. Granted, lately, I haven’t been feeling well enough to go, however, I have never joined a gym before and I’m quite proud of myself for even joining. I think going will really help my mental health as well as my physical health, any gym tips/advice welcome!

06. Another goal of mine for this year is to plan a trip. Elliot and I haven’t been away together for over two years now and I think we deserve a bit of a break. I’d love to plan a trip for his 25th birthday this year and maybe even just have a short getaway in the summer too.

07. Something I haven’t mentioned much on here yet is the fact that my sisters’ getting married. It’s not until May but there’s a lot of planning to do! I am taking full charge of the beauty side of things, I think she’d agreed to a natural spray tan, and I’d also love her to get a lash lift!

08. Another little something that has been on my mind is my youtube channel and (lack of) videos. I really like making video content and I think people enjoyed it too? It’s something I’ve been experimenting with on Instagram and IGTV so perhaps this is the direction I should continue to head in. However, I love watching vlogs! I love homey style vlogs but I feel like my life is just too boring to film that… would people watch?

09. I have been slowly introducing vitamins into my lifestyle recently and I think this is something I need to do more of in 2020. I take vitamin C at the moment but I think during the winter months I need to take vitamin D too. I also want to introduce Biotin into my routine to help with my hair strength (and the overall condition of it) but if there are any tablets that you think will help in general health let me know. I’m trying to stay away from “multi-vitamins” and instead take tablets that are more tailored for me.

10. Last year, one of my goals was to read 50 books and I can happily say that I achieved that goal! I actually ended up reading 53 books in total and because of this, I have upped my goal this year to 60. I’ve really tried to expand my reading as well and I’m picking up more diverse books than ever… more of this in 2020, please!

11. As I’ve said, I’d love to live a little bit more carefree this year and do something adventurous. I’m not exactly sure what that is but I think everyone needs some spontaneity in their lives!

12. Something that has been a goal of mine for years is to learn to drive. There are many many reasons why this hasn’t happened yet (too many to go into) and without putting too much pressure on myself, I’d like to try and pass my test this year or at least make strides in that goal.

13. Another fitness goal… something that I have always wanted to do is complete a park run or a race for life. With all my other fitness goals for this year, this seems like the time to do it and I’ll hopefully be enlisting Elliot and my sister into it too.

14. Say yes more! I’d love to be one of those “yes” people, always up for a spontaneous evening out, cinema trip or even trip away! Instead of thinking/planning all the time. The best kind of people!

15. At the end of the summer this year, it’ll have been two years since Elliot and I moved back into my parents house. We loved living together and having our little flat. We would love to stay with my parents and save for a deposit however, it’s all about circumstances and if we decide to move out again then I’ll be happy with that!

16. For my birthday this year, my parents helped me out and decided to get my record player fixed.. I’m not quite sure what was wrong with it but if it can’t be fixed.. I’ll be on the hunt for a new one! I’d really like to grow my record collection this year too. I love finding little vintage records, I have Status Quo and Frank Sinatra. I find it actually means I listen to other music as well instead of just putting the radio on or listening to Spotify.

17. Another thing that’s been broken for at least a year is my digital camera… don’t even ask me why everything of mine breaks?! I’m just lucky that way! I love my SLR but I just haven’t had the funds to get it fixed. It’s a big goal of mine to get it fixed this year so I can experiment with my photography again as I miss it.

18. Complete my 1 Second Everyday. I did this the year before last however, it didn’t quite work out the year just gone… I’m determined to complete it again this year though! They’ve actually updated the app so you can film in portrait now which I think is really cool, perfect to upload to Instagram too.

19. For my nan, each year I make her a calendar with lots of family photos, selfies, and dog pictures. She loves receiving it however, I’ve found that we need to take more photos! I’ve definitely gotten off to a good start already but I definitely need to continue this all year round. 2020… the year of the selfie!

20. Enjoy it! Probably one of my biggest goals… I want to enjoy this year. Really enjoy it. I turn 25 on January first next year, so I want to make this year good for me, my life and my health so I can enter next year on a good note.

There we are, 20 goals for 2020. What are your goals for the decade? And let me know if you’re not setting any!