Giving My Brows A Glow up At Home.

Diy beauty from the comfort of your own home…

It’s no secret that I love having a bit of a pamper… but I’m also quite particular when it comes to my beauty routines. Anything that I can do myself, I will. I’ve been meaning to give my brows a bit of a pamper for a while now. I love to grow them out, shape them and get them looking good before leaving them for a month… its all or nothing with me!

I’ve had my eyebrows dyed once before by a lovely lady at a salon that I would definitely go back to. But £16 seems a bit steep for what I wanted done so I decided to pick up one of these “do it yourself” kits.

Eylure is a brand that I really know and trust. They do the best highstreet false eyelashes around (the first I ever wore!) so when it came to getting an eyebrow tint, they were definitely a brand I knew wouldn’t let me down.

I picked up the Dark Brown Eylure Dybrow Kit as black would have just been too harsh against my skin tone. This dye lasts for up to 16 weeks and the kit has at least 12 applications in it, so it’s quite good value for £7.40!

The application was so quick and easy and you can tailor how you want your brows to look (by how long you leave the dye on for). I left it on for a good while as I wanted them quite dark and I’m really pleased with the results.

I also like that it’s quite a mess-free routine. You’re meant to use vaseline around your brows where you don’t want the dye to go but I skipped this step and was just really careful. I didn’t find that the dye really took to my skin but definitely tinted the hairs.

I think I’ll definitely be continuing this routine at home as I’ve found it quick, mess-free and easy to do.

I always think having my brows tinted makes such a difference to my beauty routine, makes me more confident going make up free and it makes it faster to get ready!

Have you ever dyed your brows at home?